Manic Mondays

If your schedule is anything like mine, Mondays are typically very busy and a little crazier than your average day.  It never fails that no matter how much I prepare, I discover that I forgot something.  This morning, I got to school and realized that I hadn't written my grades from Friday in my grade book yet or started my newsletter.

Here's my fantabulous news!  I have saved my newsletters without fail for the last nine years.  It is a minor detail, but this has saved my day more than once.  It allows me to pull my newsletter up from the week before or even year before if needed.  Typically, I change out dates, a little bit of info, and they are ready to go.

Mondays are also folder days for me.  One thing I did to make this a little easier, is I bought the folders.   Typically, the best folders are at Target.  I like to get the thin, plastic folders.  They are usually $.50 each.  Then, I run to School Box and get some cute labels to put on the front.   It may cost a little of my own money, but it is so nice to be able to stack them up and have them all match :)

Hope everyone had a Marvelous Manic Monday :)

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