Manic Mondays

I might as well start off by telling you this Monday hasn't been a manic one.  Honestly, it's been more of a Mild Monday.  I managed to catch the stomach virus going around school, so today is a recovery day.  After my chaotic Saturday/Sunday, it was nice waking up fever free and able to eat crackers and drink Gatorade.

So, you may be wondering what that has to do with you?  Well, during the last two days on the couch I really didn't feel like doing much, so I took time to read a few blogs.  I have decided my favorite ones are the ones that give you funny stories, lots of ideas, and a little bit of what it's like to be a true teacher. I also realized that when you sit behind a computer screen it can be so easy to vent.  I think letting out your frustration makes sense at times, but I've decided that doesn't belong on media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, blogs).  You may disagree with me and think that's not being "Real", but really, if you've had a long day and heard complaining at your school are you getting online to find more frustration or inspiration?  I think it's still "Real" if you are choosing to focus on the best part of your day instead of the worst.  Take it or leave it, but just an observation I've made the last few days.

Now, to the fun stuff :)  Since I've been looking at a lot of blogs the last few days, I have a few new gadgets I've decided I want need for my classroom.  Most of them I've seen on multiple blogs, so they have to be worth it, right?  Below are pictures with links to where you can buy them.  To me, there's nothing worse than finding something amazing on Pinterest and it just shows you a picture, so anytime I can I will give you links.  Also, all of these items can be found on Amazon, but prices and number available vary, so tried to stick with real stores.

First of all, I REALLY would love to have my own laminator.  I would use the school one for the bigger projects, but this would come in handy for little pieces, especially labels or those things you need ASAP.

Next, I would love a portable handheld scanner.  I think this would be great days that a worksheet is a little too tough :)  I could use this to scan it and pop it up on my Activboard.  I'm also thinking it may be helpful with portfolios.  I could scan pages before I sent them to parents.  My mind spins when I think of all I could do with this little toy.  Plus, I could store it in a desk drawer because it is small!  

For my last electronic "Need" of the day, I'd love to have a Belkin RockStar.  This allows up to 5 people a.k.a kids to listen to a song story at a time.  With Nook Kids, Scholastic Storia, MeeGenius, etc. I could quickly turn an iPad or an iPod into a listening station.  I bet I could even use it with computers during those times that kids are needing to share.  Now, if I could only find a pair of Dre Beats for $14.99 I'd be in business.

So, what are the cool tech gadgets that you want for your classroom? 

See you tomorrow!

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