Wacky Wednesdays

I'm sure you've noticed by now that every day I'm doing a different theme.  I tried to think of a better word than "Wacky", but none of them seemed to fit.  Wacky definitely fits Wednesdays for me.  Typically, Wednesdays always have something a little different and it is the day where I start to make sure I have everything for the following week planned and ready to go.

Anyway, today was one of my favorite teaching days of the year, but it was quite hectic, so I don't have pictures of any of our activities today :)  So, I thought for this Wacky Wednesday I'd share a picture of one of my Pinterest ideas.

This is a frame that one of my parents helped me make for the first day of school.  Once I got the kids settled, my parent took a picture of each of the kids holding the frame with their faces inside of the frame.  The pictures turned out great although, I have to admit I haven't gotten them developed yet :(

Here's the link to the picture I found on Pinterest.  My parent changed it a little, but to me you can never have too many pictures or ideas!

Pinterest - 1st Day of School

Looking forward to tomorrow!

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