Super Sunday

Good Morning!

Well, I guess it isn't really morning anymore, but it does feel like it.  So, I woke up this morning and I have a stye on my bottom eyelid.  I feel like I want to gouge out my left eye or that I look like a one-eyed monster.  I had them when I was a kid, but just to play it safe I googled it.  I mean everything on Google is true, right?  To make sure that it was true I read four articles.  Yes, I know, that doesn't actually make things true, but it did ease my mind.

Anyway, basically I can't give it to anyone else, there's very little I can do about it, and I need to make sure I don't mess with it.  It just hurts!  It feels kind of like a bee stung me right below my eye.  This means that I'm spending the majority of my day with my eyes shut since that seems to help.

Now, onto teaching - I have created a new Halloween freebie.  I bought this set of cute monsters (Seriously, they are adorable!) several months ago.  I've been dying to use them, so I threw this together really quick.  By the way, on a side note, if you aren't following me yet, I hope you will think about following me.  I'm also creating a mega Fairy Tale pack right now that is probably going to be around 125 pages.  It includes comprehension activities, language arts activities, science/social studies activities, and math activities.  When it is completed and I have 50 followers I plan on giving it away to 3 people.  There will be more info on that later.

Anyway, are a few pictures of my Halloween Freebie.  If you like it, go visit me at Teachers Pay Teachers and download it.  Also, click follow there so you will know when I've created something new and feel free to pin it to Pinterest.

Math - Monster Math Problems

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