Super Sunday

Sorry I haven't posted the last few days.  Not trying to make excuses, but the last couple of days have been a little crazier than usual.  Honestly, I have so much I want to create, but I really haven't had the time.  I have a rule that I create if time allows, but family and friends come first (I mean it is a hobby, right?)  So, that's what I did this weekend - I put my family and friends first.  I helped one of my favorite "nieces" create her sorority paddle for her big sister.  I also went on two dinner dates with my hubby.

I also spent some much needed time catching up with some of my dearest friends.  I have to say, whether I talk to my closest friends every day or I go several months, I couldn't ask for more trustworthy, loyal, caring, friends.  I adore them!  I have the best friends a girl could have.  They encourage me (even though several of them would say they aren't good at it), they push me to be better than the best version of me, they pull me up when I'm down, and more than anything they know my heart and love me regardless of how dramatic, silly, or down I am that day.  So shout out to the best friends a girl could have!

Anyway, don't mean to not write about school, but I guess I figured as much as this is a school blog, it's important to remember sometimes what got me here.  If you have a hobby or a blog or are just in general busy, take a day every once in awhile to make sure your priorities are right and appreciate your blessings.  You won't regret it - promise!

Okay - one tiny school thing :)  I actually won one of the giveaways for the blog I posted about last week.  I didn't even know until I started getting emails today with the products I won.  I'm REALLY excited about checking them out!  As soon as I have a chance to look at them, I will let you know what I think and which ones you may want to go get off of TPT.

Have a great week!

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