Terrific Tuesdays

So, I go back to school tomorrow and my mind is so full of ideas I have no idea how I'm going to sleep tonight.  I have definitely filled up on Pinterest and my mind seems to be spinning.  My husband said just last night it's always obvious when teachers are on a break because all he sees on Pinterest are classroom pictures and holiday activities.  I've tried to explain that if he would get his own page it wouldn't be so bad, but he chooses to use mine.  I think he secretly likes to see what I'm about to be buying, but I just let him think I don't realize what he's doing.

Anyway, so since I've spent time on Pinterest, I thought I'd include pictures of some of the activities I've done and some that I'm planning to do this fall.  Maybe it will save you a few hours so you can go wash clothes or cook dinner!  Yeah, I know... me either :)

This is vanilla pudding with green
food coloring added.  You put it
in a clear cup, draw a face, & add
Oreos to the top.
Here's the first thing I'm planning to do.  Jenaya Shaw a.k.a The Lesson Plan Diva created this.  I fell in love with it the minute I saw it.  One of the things my 1st graders need to be able to do is sequence events using the words first, next, then, last.  Since it's October, I love this!  She also has several others if you will check out her site.  

We do Fun Fridays every week for kids that have behaved during the week.  I'm planning on doing these for the Fun Friday before Halloween or for a snack on Halloween.  All you do is buy cups of Mandarin oranges, take a Sharpie, and draw little faces on the cover.  Nice, simple, & healthy!

This is a Nouns freebie I found on Pinterest.  If you follow this link, it will take it to you on TPT.  It isn't my creation, but it's GREAT!  I'm planning on printing it tonight.  Free Fall Noun Sort

I did this game in my classroom last year and it went great!  The best way to do it is use stacks of paper towels.  They stack higher and are easier to knock over.  I had a hard time finding a pumpkin that would work.  One of my friends loaned me a plastic pumpkin.  Please know if you use a plastic pumpkin (One that looks like the picture) it will come apart and it will leave orange streaks on a tile floor.  I ended up switching to a stuffed animal pumpkin and a kick ball.  They worked just as well and didn't fall apart or leave marks.  Just be sure to show your kids ahead of time.

I also used the skeleton video with my class last year and they loved it!  If you go to YouTube type in Skeleton Dance.  Be sure to check it before you show your kids.  So far, I've never ran across a bad video, but I always double check to play it safe.

Hope this gives you some new, simple, doable Pinterest ideas for the next few weeks.  All of these ideas and more can be found here.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

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