Terrific Tuesdays

Well, let me start with Fairy Tale rotations went great!  You would think a giant beanstalk in the center of my room would cause problems, but I swear my kids behaved better than ever.  Of course, it helped that I told them the quietest kids would get to sit next to the beanstalk.

Now, tomorrow is Halloween.  I'm excited because after school my hubby and I are going to a movie to hide out from all the trick-or-treaters.  In all honesty, we are the babies of our older neighborhood, so typically we don't see trick-or-treaters.  In the spirit of Halloween, I took a Pinterest idea and made a special snack for my kids tomorrow.  All it took was 16 packets of Mandarin oranges and a super big Sharpie (I tried the little ones, but I swear the super Sharpie did much better).  So, if you need a quick last minute idea, run to the store in the morning, grab some oranges, and draw some pumpkin faces while your kids are at specials or lunch.  Oh, here's a hint - if you do this, DO NOT refrigerate until after you've done the faces.  The moisture makes it impossible to draw!  Here's a picture of how mine turned out today.

Last thing, then I'm getting a hot bath and going to bed.  To help our kids with their reading, we have started giving them book reports.  Our kids have to read their book and fill out the book report before they can get a book signed off by us.  

Well, we had an October book report that was perfect, but didn't have a November one created yet.  I talked to my team and promised them I would create one for November, so here it is.  I'm also going to be creating them for the other holidays, so be sure to check back before December.  

Oh, I almost forgot!  If you like this and think you could use it with your class, click here.

Hope you enjoy and have a fantabulous, wonderfully, wacky, Halloween Wednesday!

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  1. I'm your newest follower! Love the blog and your ideas. I am new to 1st grade this year after 9 years in 3rd grade so it's great to find other first grade teachers. I also just started blogging. I'm sure I'll be "seeing" you around :)

    First Grade Smiles