Wacky Wednesdays

Alright, I'm trying something new tonight.  I am blogging from my iPad.  I know, it will take me twice as long to type, but I am the ultimate lazy girl when it comes to certain things.  For one, if I need to ask one of our amazing secretaries a question after school, I call from my cellphone so I don't have to get up and walk to the phone on the wall.  Yes, I'm that girl!  Second, at night, once I'm full of food my eyes struggle to stay open.  It is only 9:17, but I am DYING to go to bed.  However, I feel the need to spend a few minutes with the sweetest husband in the world.  I also feel the need to blog.  So, instead of unpacking the computer, getting my Internet connection rolling, and having to sit up I am now blogging from my iPad.

So, I told you a few days ago that I'm working on a really neat project.  I LOVE teaching writing.  It is fun to me and I like seeing what my kids will come up with.  This week we are writing about Silly Monsters.  I use 6+1 Traits, but I also like to mix in some of my own stuff.  This week is some of my own stuff.  I always start my kids off with a Graphic Organizer.  At the top, I write "Who, what, when, where, why, and how".  I have my kids come up with questions using these words that we write into the Graphic Organizer.  As we do it, I have them answer the questions.  For example, if the question is, "What is your silly monster's name?" then one of my kids will answer back what they would write - "My silly monster is named Crazy Lazy".  After we go over the Graphic Organizer, we start writing rough drafts.

Tomorrow I will make sure I have pictures.  I already have several, but just learned a new secret - I can't post pictures using my iPad (I find this odd since my pictures are on my iPad).  Anyway, have a great day tomorrow.  We are participating in Read Across America, so should be a pretty neat morning.

Goodnight Y'all!

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