Wonderful Wacky Wednesdays

Wednesdays are definitely the busiest days of the week for me.  Today wasn't any different.  I woke up early, yet still managed to get out the door a few minutes later than I intended.  I'm on time to work every day, but I think I would be more functional if school started, oh, around 9:30ish.  The rest of the day seemed to run that way.  Not late, but a few minutes off my normal routine.  

Anyway, so now I am finally sitting down at my computer, eating peanut butter crackers, and drinking a Sprite.  By the way, here's a random fact.  Yes, I'm odd, but I have the habit of spinning my crackers apart.  I try to get all the peanut butter to end up on one side of the cracker.  I've done it since I was a kid.  I also eat one wafer at a time if I'm eating Nutter Butters, and I eat the top chocolate layer off Swiss Cake Rolls, then unroll them a little at a time.  I pretty much dissect everything.

Okay, seriously - told you - random.  However, random facts always make me laugh.  You may not remember someone's name, but how many times do you remember the quirky story about them?  Keep in mind, I don't have kids... I remember lots of random, useless information.

Now, onto the reason you follow me - creative ideas!  I found this ADORABLE activity by Amy Lemons a few weeks ago.  I have been literally dying to find a way to use it.  However, we don't teach adjectives until later in the year and this activity covers verbs and adjectives.  Then, it clicked - I can skip the adjectives and use it completely for verbs.

First, I met with my students and we talked about nouns, what they are, etc.  Then, I reviewed verbs with them and we talked about how a verb is an action or something you can do.  After I did that, I drew a picture of the activity we were going to do on the Activboard.  Next, we made a list of ALL the things a spider can do.  I think my favorite one on the list was tickle.  Yes, really.  My kids said "tickle".  I asked them how they know since I won't touch spiders, but they were quite adamant that they "tickle".  After that, they filled out their sheets, put them together, and we hung them up on the wall outside.  

Here's a link to the Freebie that Amy Lemon's created.  It's amazing! 

Hope you guys have an awesome Thursday!  I already have what I want to post tomorrow!  I can't wait!  

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  1. I love her spider ideas! Nice way to make the lesson work for your students!

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