Super Saturday

Well, we are back to a weekend and I am definitely struggling to find my focus this morning.  My goal is to do nothing except create, but I've managed so far to spend probably an hour or two playing Bejeweled Blitz.  I know that's sad, but I don't have kids, it's mind numbing, and I keep thinking maybe I will eventually get "the big score".  Speaking of which, how in the world do people get over 600,000 points on that game?  Another thing I can't figure out is who spends real money to buy coins or spins?

Anyway, blogging right now is my attempt to right my world and get something accomplished today.  Hopefully, by tomorrow I will have at least a few new packets ready to go, a freebie, lesson plans, and papers graded (Yes, I know, I am a dreamer).  It's also time to do one of my favorite blogs of the month - a Currently.  I loved Farley's Currently last month and I have to say, it hit October 29 and I started checking for the November Currently.  I had the best time doing it last month.  

So, here's my November Currently.  Remember Farley's rule of three.  If you go grab it, then you need to visit two blogs posted immediately before your blog and one or two after it.  Also, provide a link back to her page on your blog.

Here's a link back to Farley's blog.  I look forward to your comments on here :)


  1. I love when the weekends come and I can sit on the computer and create things. It's my favorite! :)


  2. I have been craving some soup lately too- must be this cool fall weather! (And Fritos are always good! Maybe taco soup with Fritos?!)

    I would love to see these Three Little Pigs costumes you create! What is Comprehension Day?

  3. Aw! Thanks for the comments :) Since I started doing TPT, I definitely live for weekends! My head is swimming with ideas!

    Erica - I will definitely be posting pictures of the Three Little Pigs costumes :) I just went and got 3 pink ball caps ($2 from Michael's), 3 pink t-shirts ($4 from Michael's) and snouts ($1 at Party City). I'm planning on attaching ears and then creating printable words to put on the shirts. Our county has started doing CAFE stuff by the two sisters. So, to get us more involved, my school decided to do different days to celebrate the different parts of CAFE. The first part is Comprehension Day. We are supposed to dress up like our favorite book character, although my grade level is dressing up like fairy tale characters since we are in the middle of a fairy tale unit. Then, we are supposed to have the students fill out some sort of sheet about their favorite book character. We decided to do it on Monday since we are out of school on Tuesday. We figured this would also help separate it from Halloween costumes. This is our first year doing it, but I think it will turn out cute! Two of the other first grade teachers are dressing up like pigs with me :)