Marvelous Manic Monday

Today was definitely a little manic, but it was also one of the most marvelous, manic Mondays ever.  I couldn't sleep last night because I didn't know what today would hold.  I wasn't nervous, but I really wanted to be careful with what I said and not overexposing my students.  Fortunately, not one of them asked or said anything.  We had a great day and honestly, I don't think I've ever loved my students more.  Of course, like every other school, the adults (without kids around) discussed what we may need to do if something ever did happen and we held our students a little closer to our hearts.

To top our day off, our principal had us sign up for reading slots a few weeks ago and today was our day.  It was funny because she walked in and my kids said, "She's already here?"  She commented how that didn't sound good and I explained that it just means they like to read.  Most of them had just gotten their book bins and were preparing to go to the media center.  I felt bad that they reacted, but it made my day that they have fallen in love with their reading time.  She read two books to them and they thought it was the greatest thing in the world that "the principal" was reading to them.  At one point, several of them commented that I had read "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" to them.  She told them that she could leave and they all yelled, "No!"  It was pretty funny and was definitely a great way to wrap up our day.  Have a feeling after a long morning, she was glad she had scheduled time to read.  The little guys have a way of making you relax and smile and I know they definitely enjoyed their time with her.

Now, while she was reading, I managed to create a new little surprise to share with you.  I love getting the Create-A-Scene stickers from Oriental Trading.  At the beginning of the year, I go ahead and order all of my favorites.  I still wanted to get one more solid writing from my kids before we go into Christmas break, so I decided we would write about a train trip.  I thought about linking it to "Polar Express", but my kids are so literal.  After we did our fairy tale week, we tried to write our own fairy tales and it was amazing - I got 16 stories about Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and Jack and the Beanstalk.  Yes, you are right, you do sense a bit of sarcasm there.  Needless to say, this time I'm going to be proactive.  We will write about taking a train trip BEFORE we've even discussed any Christmas books that include trains.  Below are pictures of the pages.  If you like it, CLICK HERE to get my freebie.  I took pictures of their train creations today.  I've learned that my kids write much better if they've already had time to create their picture or their craft before we write.  Hopefully, tomorrow I have pictures of some amazing writing samples.

Since you've read the last three paragraphs, I suppose I should fill you in on Disney.  The kids spotted him immediately this morning.  He was quite the hit.  Now, my friends who don't like germs, you may want to quit reading now.  I was on the phone with my T.A. this afternoon and I was trying to think of a quick place to stick the elf.  I love being creative, but friends, I am running out of steam here.  It never fails that I realize it's time to leave and I still have a wild elf that needs to show off.  So, he went animal cracker diving.  Yes, I get the fact that I stuck an elf in animal crackers, but I had to do something.  The kids haven't touched him and I made sure I washed my hands before I did today.  Tomorrow should be very entertaining.  I shouldn't have even told my T.A., but last time I didn't fill her in I ended up with zero chocolate chip cookies.  I think it's in my best interest to keep her in the loop.

Alright, see everyone tomorrow!  I'm getting ready to create a few January packets, so if you are needing a specific standard or skill covered, message me.  I haven't started yet and I'm more than happy to throw in a few of your first grade requests :)

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