Super Sunday

Well, I don't have long to write since I haven't eaten dinner yet.  I realize eating late doesn't do anything but give me an upset stomach, but I had things to do - talk on the phone, read, play games, text, oh, and blog.  Plus, it's Christmas, so I bet most of you have had a few late meals/snacks, too :)

Anyway, so Friday was a little crazy, but fun.  Two of my teammates were out sick and one teammate had a daughter graduating from college.  That left three of us to look out for the rest of the classes.  It went well, but I can't wait until these nasty viruses are gone.  They have definitely taken their tole on us this year.

So, Thursday Disney left a note that there would be some "surprises".  I got up at 5:30 to make cookies.  I made tons and tons of them and packed them in this nice round canister with a Santa on the side.  When I got to school, I added a note.  I know the note looks a little sloppy, but if I make it neat and spell words correctly it could give me away.  All of the kids were very curious and couldn't wait to know what was inside.  My T.A. (Mrs. Debbie) took a peak and told them it was good, but she wouldn't show them until after tests.  She went through the homework and then opened the container.  Most of my kids turned in homework, but I had three not bring it.  Those three little people ended up in tears.  I felt bad (like I always do), so I told them if they had it on Monday I would give them cookies then.  The problem with that is my T.A. forgot I said that and I had to go give something to another teacher.  When I came back every cookie was devoured.  Obviously that meant I needed to get more cookies for tomorrow.  Darn.  I guess I will just have taste test a few more cookies.

In other news, Disney hiding out in the pencil box went great.  They didn't find him until 8:00 and the sound of their laughter and excitement over locating him completely made my day.  For tomorrow, he is hiding out in one of our toys.  I'm not really sure why I keep this little machine at school.  It makes a cute decoration, but it is obnoxiously loud, so I never let the kids touch it.  However, I think it made a nice little hiding place for Disney.  Plus, it means he will have at least one more day without falling.  

By the way, a few weeks ago there I made the comment that they needed to find a way to add magnets, Velcro and something to make elves bendable.  Well, last week, I saw a pin that told you how to do that.  As soon as I get through this week, the experimenting will begin.  I can't wait to do this again next year.

Oh, last bit of random info.  I'm throwing a sale at TPT tonight and tomorrow.  That way if anyone is needing a few last minute items to get you through the school week, you can grab them.  Go check it out.  The link to my page is on the right.

I hope everyone has a good day tomorrow.  I'm definitely going to be praying for teachers and administrators around the world tomorrow.  I am sure that everyone is going to have lots of questions from parents and our little people.  Keep praying for Newtown!

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