Super Sunday

Today I caught up on reading a lot of blogs.  I still want to go through my comments and check out those, so that's next on my list.  I love reading blogs because in a world where there can be so many people saying, "You can't" in the teacher blog world it seems that everyone says, "You can" or they have a solution.  Stop and think about it.  When was the last time you read a blog not giving you something to use or not cheerful and upbeat?  Even the comments are all sweet and encouraging.  The last blog I looked at was Deanna Jump's blog.  She just remade it :)  It's funny to me because although I realize none of the people that commented know my name, I recognized each of their names and as I said before, every comment on there is genuinely sweet.  They are the very people that inspire me to be better at my job and that unknowingly have helped me figure out the Teachers Pay Teachers and blogging world.  So, if you ever need a boost go read a couple of blogs.

Now, I had this post all typed out and was adding pictures and the wifi went out.  I finally get it up and running again and you guessed it, lost the whole post.  Well, technically, not the whole post, but everything except the first paragraph.  That means I'm out of steam, so I will cut straight to what I have for you tonight.  Yesterday, I finished my Let it Snow Math Centers packet.  CLICK HERE to go see it and to download my freebie.  Both are in my Featured Items area.

Today, I finished my Martin Luther King Jr. printable packet.  I am so excited to have it ready to go since MLK Jr. Day is only a few weeks away.  Below are pictures of what I have included.  The packet was created for K-3.   There are two versions of the writing section of the printables.  The first set covers lower grade writing standards and the second set covers third grade writing standards.  If you like the pictures, CLICK HERE to go get the packet.  The preview includes one of the sheets from the packet for free, so make sure you go check it out.

 Sorry so short, but this first grade teacher is wiped out!  Tomorrow I'm planning on having pictures of some cute crafts for 2013 and a new freebie :)


  1. That MLK pack looks amazing, girl! Adding it to my wish list. Need my sweet hubby to lift my TpT spending ban first, though. I've been a bit...ummm...excessive on TpT. :)
    Growing Firsties is co-hosting a Shout Out Linky beginning January 1st

    1. LOL... I saw your post right before I went to bed and it made me smile :) I'm glad you like the packet :) I completely get where you are coming from. My hubby backed off a little when he saw that my purchases were starting to make me money. I just stick with "I need more clip art" although I have to say, sometimes I throw in a few other items :)

  2. Hey cutie - I just sent you a message (you might have received it already and I'm behind)...Shoot me your email address when you get a chance. Hugs - Lisa