Giveaways, Linky Parties, and Freebies

Wow!  Today has been a great day.  I shouldn't admit it, but I decided to skip everything and stay in my cocoon one more day.  I know tomorrow I have to be ready to conquer the world, but today, I just wanted to hibernate and just hide from the world one last day.  I wanted one last lazy pajama day.

I've also had a REALLY exciting blog week.  Charity Preston featured one of my freebies in her new magazine.  It apparently had a lot of repins, so it landed on her Pinterest page.  I wouldn't have had a clue if Jessica from Second Grade Nest hadn't told me.  That completely made my night!  You can CLICK HERE to go to the magazine.  It's a pretty awesome magazine.  In case you want to see my pin, it's on page 22.

Then, today one of the giveaways I am in started.  It is over at Teaching and Tapas.  If you click on the giveaway picture and it will take you to her site.  She has over 100 items in her giveaway, so you won't regret joining.

Anyway, I'm linking up with Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits Hall Pass.  It's completely different than the other link ups I've done, so hope you enjoy!

I actually have two favorite products right now.  I am in love with my two new St. Patrick Day sets.  One is math task cards and the other one is a set of Printable sheets.  If you want to see pictures of them, check out my blogs from the last week.  If you click on the pictures below, it will take you to them on my TPT site.  Both of them have freebie items loaded in the preview.  I promise, you won't regret visiting!  Here are preview pictures of the freebies included with these two sets.

Right now I am loving my "desk" area.  I just got rid of my desk two weeks ago and exchanged it for this table.  It has made small groups, writing, etc. SOOO much easier.  I find myself wanting to do more hands-on activities with the kids and as funny as it sounds getting rid of the desk was like getting rid of a barrier.  My kids love getting invited to sit with me.  Other than that I just love my classroom in general.  It's very open since I pushed desks next to the walls.  I figured out I have 7 areas I can use for small groups.  That definitely affects the noise level and how productive my kiddos are.

Typically, my signal is Give Me Five!  That stands for 1. Check your feet, 2. Check your hands, 3. Check your eyes, 4. Check your mouth, and 5. Check your ears.  Most of our school does this, so all the kids know what it means.

My sanity is typically my teammates.  They always know the right thing to say and the way to calm me down.  They are like family to me.  The best part is we all know each others strengths and weaknesses. On top of that, we read each other well, so if we sense another teammate is having a tough day, we will send devotions to each other, Bible verses to each other, and pray together.  We also have a habit of getting each other breakfast quite often.  So, when I say I'm on the best team in the world, I truly am.  I get paid to do a job I love and to work with some of my best friends.  I have it made!

Alright, time to get back into first grade teacher mode.  I just told my hubby tomorrow will be long because I stayed up late and slept in every day!  I'm thinking a Starbucks order may be on my list in the a.m. (if I can get up).  Have a great Monday!


  1. WOW! Congrats on being featured in the magazine! I went right over to check it out! I'm waiting for it to load! Your desk area is so organized! I HAVE to do this soon!

    1. Changing my desk area into a table has been the best move ever... well, except when I need five minutes to refocus and my kids think my desk area is an area for them to hang ;)

  2. Congrats on being featured in that magazine! Your freebies (and other work) are amazing. It's so nice to get noticed, isn't it? Hope today went well for you!

    1. Aw! Thanks! It has definitely been an interesting week :)

  3. Thanks for the really nice freebies! Congrats on getting one of your freebies featured in Charity Preston's magazine. That's a real feather in your cap!

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    1. No problem :) Glad you like them :) It was pretty neat, especially since I didn't have a clue.