Let's Get Acquainted

Yesterday was the perfect first day of Spring Break.  You know why?  I did nothing.  Well, I did do a little something.  I played Candy Crush, bought TONS of new clip art, took a nap, and thought about what I should create next.

I also spent a little time leaving comments on blogs since that seems to be my downfall lately.  I love writing, but I'm horrible about taking time to read.  This is hilarious to me because when I do take the time to slow down and look at blogs I love it!  There are SO many good ideas out there!  

One of the blogs I love right now is called Flying into First Grade.  I've been watching it for the last few weeks, but always seem to run out of time to link up.  Every week, Latoya posts a Getting Acquainted post.  I love posts like this because honestly, they have a way of making the teacher with super powers seem a little more down to earth.  They also help you like the person that you may think is typically grouchy or annoying.  Yes, I said that out loud, but it's true.  Sandpaper people are always a little more likable when you find out they like the peach gummy bears or they ate Doritos and Oreos for dinner last night.  See, now you are smiling :)

Anyway, this week's Getting Acquainted post is on favorites!  


Oh, this is going to be an easy one for me.  If it is for clothing, I LOVE Talbots.  I can order their clothes off the Internet, ship them to my house, and they fit every time.  At Christmas, I sent an email to my mom with links to every item I wanted.  She ordered all of it, I tried it on at Thanksgiving, and out of twenty items, I think we sent back five and three of those were the wrong type of pants, so we replaced them :)  I thing I love most about this store is I may have to spend a little extra on their clothing, but quality is more important than quantity.  I have a pair of black pants from Talbots that I've worn two to three times a week for two years and you can't tell at all.  
Now, if it is for everything else, I'd have to say Target.  Target and I have a love/hate relationship.  I love spending there, but I hate seeing the receipt at the end of each trip.  I only go once or twice a month because I never walk out of there with a receipt under $100.  Oh, and their dollar spot - That little area is evil!  I cannot pass up cute, mini notepads.  I have two drawers full of these little notepads.  


Oh, I so shouldn't admit this, but right now it's Dance Moms.  I'm not sure why, but I seem to watch shows that are train wrecks waiting to happen.  I like the competitive aspect and the fact that this is one show where everyone isn't a winner.  I know, sad, but really... when you were growing up did everyone on your team get a trophy?  When I was growing up, only one maybe two kids got trophies on a team and they were considered the MVPs.  I don't like the screaming, but I do like that Abby tells it like it is and doesn't sugar coat.  Like I said, I shouldn't admit liking this show, but I do.  If you are concerned about my family values, I also like The Cosby Show and 7th Heaven :)


Right now, I have two.  I love chocolate cake with cream cheese icing from Publix.  I know it sounds crazy, but I hate homemade cakes.  I only like cake from a box or Publix cakes :)  My other favorite sweet treat is ONLY out during the spring and summer.  I have been waiting months for Frigid Frog.  Frigid Frog is a New Orleans style SnoCone and they are incredible!  My favorite is grape and green apple mixed with sour stuff sprayed on it.  I don't believe in getting one flavor.  I always pick two.  My hubby just gets strawberry.  He consistently makes up for my craziness.


That is not a fair question!  How could I choose just one?  Okay, I guess we will go with what I've been craving.  Right now, it is a rib eye from McGuire's.  They have this stuff called whiskey butter and it makes the steak melt in your mouth.  It always makes me laugh that I even like it because I've never even had whiskey.  We only eat here for special occasions, so definitely a treat every time we go.  


Breakfast:  Typically if I'm grabbing breakfast, I love ChickfilA.  I don't like biscuits that much, so I like the fact that they have a few options.  Typically, I get their chicken minis or I get a chicken burrito. It's also cheap enough that I can grab breakfast for my team every few weeks.

Lunch: Panera is my favorite!  I love the fact you can pair two items together.  Their broccoli cheese soup with the turkey panini is great when it's cold.  In the spring, I like their Cobb salad without avocado.  They use a vinaigrette dressing instead of a milky dressing, so it is light, but great!  I also love the wifi on breaks and in the summer.

Dinner:  I'd have to say Longhorns is my favorite.  I like the fact there are lots of options and everything is great!  My favorites are the Parmesan crusted chicken and their Outlaw rib eye.  They also have fantastic appetizers!

Alright, off to eat lunch and create!  


  1. Your post has me very hungry!!! And I agree, Target and I have a love-hate relationship too!!

    Enjoy your Spring Break!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  2. Dance Moms! OMG this season has been out of control. It's my guilty pleasure :)

    The Adventures of Room 83

  3. Oh my goodness! Target loves my wallet but I hate the receipts! lol.

    Kindergarten Schmindergarten

  4. I love Longhorn, too. I love the blackberry tea and the shrimp and lobster dip appetizer. I also love their fried shrimp. Those snowcones look delicious. We have something here called Kona Ice, and I've never tried one but I believe the next time I see it I will have a grape and green apple.

  5. I have to confess, I watch Dance Moms too! My girls love to watch it and I can't help but watch too! Such drama!!! I love Chick-fil-A and Target as well! Two places that are bad for the wallet!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  6. Is Candy Crush not the most addicting game? Your first day of break sounds exactly like mine!


  7. My Spring Break is LONG over, but I'm glad you're relaxing and enjoying yours! I LOVE New Orleans Style Snow Cones - here we call it Shaved Ice and the B*E*S*T is Bahama Bucks:) LOVE IT. The closest one is over an hour away and I'm the only one in my family who likes shaved ice (I know, crazy right?) so I only get it if we are on the way to my Grandma's House because it is sort of on the way.


  8. Oh Target! I love and hate Target too. Love the stuff, hate the guilt! I have to stay away from there too, otherwise I would probably own the entire Nate Berkus line. No kidding.

    Snow cones... that brings back some good memories! There used to be this cute little shaved ice stand up the street from my house. My sister, neighbor, and I used to walk up there and get shaved ice/snow cones/Hawaiian Snow (that was the name of the stand). It was the BEST. Then they started making them where you could get ice cream inside your snow cone. Hands down, it was amazing. My favorite was a watermelon Hawaiian Snow with ice cream. It was dreamy. Man, now I miss that place. :-/ And now I really want a snow cone!