New Packet and a Day in My Life

I hope everyone has gotten a good start on filling their shopping buggies for the TPT sale.  Seriously, I've got to narrow down my list.  Right now, I think if you spread out all the pages from the packets I want, plus all of the clip art I want it would probably stretch all the way to Texas.  You know the sad part?  I am really not exaggerating.

Anyway, since we are talking about the sale, I have to share pictures of my newest packet.  It is my favorite packet I've ever created.  I've created a lot of packets, but this one is my heart.  Every summer I like to give my kids a packet to do over the summer.  My deal with them is if they complete it and bring it back to me, I will buy them an ice cream.  We work so hard during the school year, so I definitely don't want to torture them during their off time, but I don't want them to lose what we have worked on either.  So, I created a packet that gives students three front and back worksheets for each week of their summer vacation.  My favorite part is it is a variety of all the standards.  I'm also planning to use this template to create homework and morning work packets for next school year.

Here are a few pictures of the packet and in case you still aren't 100% sure this is what you want, then click on any of the pictures and it will take you to my TPT store where you can download the preview.  I only included pictures for week two since week one is in my preview and all of the weeks are formatted in the same way.  This packet includes 10 weeks worth of summer review.

In other news, my friend Jessica at Second Grade Nest started a cute, little linky party.  The thing I like about this one is she calls it the "Getting to Know You" link up.  The link up this week is a "Day in the Life of..."  I took my pictures Saturday, but there has been so much to share lately that I put it on hold until today.

6:15 - My computer is already running and I'm working on blogging, pinning, etc.  Slept so much Friday night, I was ready to go Saturday.

10:00 - Breakfast at the computer.  The hubby made us Sister Schubert sausage rolls.  YUM!!!  As you can tell, I'm going through a green apple soda phase.  The hubby want touch them, but I heart these drinks!  Good thing is they are difficult to find, so I don't drink them often.

12:00 - Does this look familiar?  I'm really working on making samples to go with my writing packets.  I know I don't like buying writing packets with crafts unless there is a visual somewhere, so time to cut and put a sample together.

2:45 - Happy birthday to two of my four nieces!  The birthday was supposed to be outside, but we got TONS of rain, so it was moved to McD's.  It's hard to believe how fast they are growing.

3:45 - Happy birthday to me!!!!  Yeah, maybe not.  My birthday was in March.  Either way, I have been dying to get a new stylus so I can work on making some of my own clip art this summer.  Don't worry my clip art friends.  I only want to make it for when I don't have time to wait.

That's all on pictures, but after that things got crazy with the summer packet.  I don't think I left my desk for 8 hours straight.  If you want to go learn about some more of my favorite bloggers, click on the button below.  It will take you to Jessica's blog which by the way, was designed by the friend that is designing mine.  Have to tell you guys, Christi (The blog designer) is the real deal!  I am so impressed by her!  Mine is almost finished and it looks fantabulous.  Prepare yourselves because there is NO WAY you won't be shocked.   I can't wait to get to share it with you.

Have a great day tomorrow!


  1. I love that you did your Saturday as a teacher. Keeping it interesting!

    And I'm super excited for the fun doodles that the stylus will bring!

    Second Grade Nest

  2. Is the stylus for your iPad? I am dying for an iPad or tablet of some kind. I have to draw my clip art on paper and scan it in. :-( That stylus looks cool!

    Blooming In First

  3. Faith,
    Your summer pack is wonderful! I'm hopping over to TpT to buy it right now!
    Happy Wednesday,
    ♥Teaching Fabulous Firsties!♥