A Little Bit of This and That

It feels weird to realize this is my last Sunday off without having to go to work the next day.  It's funny because at the beginning of the summer, you feel like you have so much time.  At this point of the summer, I feel like I'm trying to hold on to every second, but the seconds are quickly falling through my fingers kind of like when you try to hold water.  Because of that feeling, I have been pushing as hard as I can to get several things prepped, get my room ready, and spend time with my friends and family.

Speaking of which, you know how people make comments that they have a pregnant brain or mommy brain?  Nope... I don't have one of those.  Sorry for getting your hopes up Mom!  I have what I call my back to school brain.  This is where you go to bed late, get up early, and you run so hard you forget where you put things.

For example, last week I started getting ready and went to put on my deodorant.  I know that there are people that smell pretty without it, but yeah, I'm not one of those people.  I am not kidding friends.  I have a place I put it EVERY day, but it wasn't to be found.  Yet, what do I find without trying?  The hubby's deodorant!  So, for two days (until I remembered to buy something that smelled powder fresh) I smelled like Old Spice mixed with baby powder because smelling like a guy was a little more appealing than smelling like a wet dog.  Oh, just so you know, I found my deodorant the morning after I bought new deodorant.  Where was it?  It was under a t-shirt and hat that was in my craft room.  Most people need to add finders to their keys.  Not me!  I need to apparently buy a deodorant buzzer.

Anyway, now that you know a little too much extra information about me, I want to give you two things.  First off, several fantabulous teachers put together eBooks for this coming school year.  They featured tons of teachers in each of them.  They have blog links, common core products, and freebies.  Oh, and the best part is the books are free!  Just in case you are wondering, I am in the language arts book :)  Thanks Deanna Jump and Rachelle Smith for putting together two awesome books of K-2 goodies :)  If you click on the language arts or math book, it will take you straight to the creators so you can download the books.   If you want to see ALL the books (K-12), you can check out Creativity in the Common Core Classroom.  There are links to each of the books.  I'm still amazed how many incredible people are linked up.  It is definitely time to do a little more back to school shopping.

Also, I promised a freebie and I am delivering.  My friend Kristen had this idea around a month ago.  She teaches middle schoolers and wanted to know if they truly are getting what she is teaching them.  So, she asked me if I could create "Exit Slips".  This way, she can see if she needs to keep covering the topic without the kids realizing who understood and who may need a little help.  Well, I have always called her idea "Tickets out the Door", so I made two versions.  Feel free to use however you want.

Have a great night... I mean morning!!!!


  1. Love your blog and all the information and hints you give us. And yes, I can totally relate on the losing things part! Glad to know I am not the only one!

  2. Haha - so much truth to 'school brain'! I love the exit slips; thank you so much for sharing. :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  3. Hey Faith, you're blog is awesome...A Litte Bit of This and That reminded me of those people I encountered in the bus and train, which really have bad smell on their body. I just realized, that there are people who are not aware of their smell, how come they didn't smell their own body? Well, I really don't know...maybe they are immune to their own smell...Kinda funny, but I guess that's the best answer I know on the planet.

    Happy blogging...


  4. HaHaHa!!! You make me smile!! Back to School Brain always has me do weird stuff...cereal box in the fridge, milk in the pantry...
    Growing Firsties

  5. Love the holding water analogy...that is exactly how I feel every year at this time. (I have two weeks left and about ten weeks' worth of things to do!)