Favorite Pins Friday

I have to tell you guys, you made me feel much better about not going to my classroom, although after a little bit of school shopping, I couldn't wait any longer.  I went up there yesterday and got my room slightly put back together.  Two more days of working and I should be ready to go.  I still have a small pile at home and a handful of things to grab, but it was definitely time to take as much as possible to school.  My vehicle, which had all the back seats laid down, kind of look like it threw up Crayola, Target, Walmart, and School Box.  If I had added anymore, I don't think I would have been able to see out my back window.

Seriously, I swear people that aren't teachers look at us like we are crazy!  My obsession with all new school supplies started when I was a kid.  Just ask my Dad's checkbook.  To this day, I love brand new crayons (only Crayola), markers, notebooks, folders, and all the other little things that make my classroom just a little more fun.  It should probably be classified as an addiction, but it's only once a year that I buy 20 red, black, and green folders and 20 black pencil boxes, so I've managed to get my hubby to excuse it as one of my quirks.  Yes, I get the fact that it's the parent's job to buy most of this stuff, but if I get it then I can make sure everything matches my decor and we all know that allows parents and kids to fully live out the first grade experience.  That's my new philosophy (I've probably already told you guys).  I don't teach first grade.  I create an experience.  Sounds like a lot more fun, doesn't it?

Alright, now for Favorite Pins Friday which is one of the cutest linky parties ever!  If there is a link, you can click on the header and it will take you to the page.

#1 - Stained Glass Fun
This will definitely make a great Fun Friday.  I'd probably cut the wax paper into the shape of flowers or some other shape, put it on a paper plate (so there isn't marker everywhere), and let my kiddos go to town.

#2 - Handwriting Practice
If you are like me, it is hard to get in actual handwriting practice.  Between science, social studies, math, language arts, and creative writing there is very little time left to spend on how to form letters of the alphabet.  So, this pin just jumped out at me.  I am going to create three or four of these and when my students finish early, have them do this for a few minutes.  I may also use them as a center every few weeks.

#3 - Turtle Plant
Oh my goodness!  This is adorable!  This will definitely be a Fun Friday at some point this year!  It would also be a great Science Day crafty thing to do.

#4 - About Me
Can you say, "This will be perfect for Open House?"  This is so cute!  I can't wait to go get scrapbook paper, yarn, buttons, etc. for this project.  Shhh!!!!  Don't tell my hubby that we may have to run to Hobby Lobby in the next week or two.

#5 - Be a Leader
This quote is so true!  I hope this is the leader that I am.  I definitely know that my incredible principal and my sweet teammates do all of these things.

#6 - Cool Cup
I don't need this, but I definitely want it.  It's too cute not to show you guys!

#7 - Invisible Ink
Um... need I say more?  Automatic coolness factor!  We will definitely be doing this during our Detective Week.

#8 - Friends
I love my family, but this was too sweet to not pin.

#9 - Box Tops Fun
I saw this and seriously fell in love.  I swear I have Box Tops all over the place all the time.  They are on counter tops at home, hidden in the bottom of my purse, in random cups or drawers at school.  You get the point!  I mean what kid wouldn't want to have a Box Top bank?  Plus, then I can have another thing to create.  Oh, and this blog is cc uu tt ee!!!!  It is incredible!

#10 - Recess Buckets
Can you keep a secret?  I am planning on making these.  This is a great gift for your teammates at the beginning of the year.   Our playground isn't next to the nurse, so we could definitely use this.  I may also throw in some hand sanitizer, gloves, and a little packet of tissues.

Alright, know that was a lot of school pins, but I am sure that as much as we love summer, you can also use these ideas.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I am loving the Open House "All About Me" idea and the buckets for the new teachers! We have several of those coming aboard this year! Have a great year! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I tried to get the idea of the stained glass fun, but the link doesn't work for me. I would LOVE to see how it is done! Any help?

    1. Oh, no! The link worked when I posted it. Let me see if I can find it.

    2. I went and checked it on Pinterest and the link is no longer there. I did write that she used wax paper and Sharpies, so I guess try that. I hate that the link is no longer there :/