Winner and New Organization Packets

Goodness!  I don't know if I should say good morning since it's 1 a.m. here.  I have to tell ya'll my hours are completely reversed.  Afternoon naps are great, but I don't think I have fallen asleep before 2 a.m. at all this week.

Anyway, I looked through the comments and I have one person that guessed right, but it was after my cut off point.  Since no one won, I'll make sure to post a freebie tomorrow because I know there are times in life where we don't win, but you did take time to play and read my blog, so you definitely deserve a treat.

Here is what I ordered.   I ordered a foldable white board easel.  I also ordered alphabet stamps and alphabet magnets.  I've have two foldable white board easels already and they are incredible.  I like to use them for centers.  They come with mini pocket charts and a magnetic dry erase board.  This means I can use it with any of my laminated sorting centers, writing centers, or word work centers.  Which leads to my magnetic letters.  I got those specifically to use on the magnetic dry erase boards.  As for the alphabet stamps, I pray they don't annoy me.  I know it's funny because out of everything I like, I don't like stamps.  I don't like how you always end up with ink everywhere.  However, I want to do my best to give my kids LOTS of options, so I'm going to try again.

 Alright, I know I told you that I finally loaded all of my Teacher Binder and Organization packets.  I thought I'd share the main cover page with you.  I know I'm finicky about stuff I buy.  If you want to see what's in the packet, I posted pictures HERE.  I also tried to load different pages in each of the previews.  Below are pictures of each of the packets.  If there is one you like, you can click on the image and it will take you straight to my TPT store.  I did my best to make a variety of packets so hopefully everyone will find something they like.

Have a great night and check back tomorrow for two freebies and to see my newest printable packet.

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  1. Love the teacher binder and organization packs! They all look amazing! Yay for a freebie tomorrow :) I just posted a freebie on my blog that's only available today--feel free to hop over and grab it :)
    More Than Math by Mo