Just Because

I have to say, I am so thankful for you guys hanging tight.  I am in survival mode right now.  I LOVE blogging, but friends, I get home each night and I swear I park my car and the energy is immediately zapped from my body.  I piddle and fiddle until I have piddled my iPad down to 7% charged (it was only 25% to begin with) and I then fall into bed.

I know you know what I'm talking about because I'm guessing most of you are teachers.  If you are like me, your school is your heart.  You are running to spirit nights, skate nights, baseball games or football games for all your little people.  Oh, and I'm not talking about the little people that are blood related.  I'm talking about all the adopted nieces and nephews you have.  You are helping with Fall Festivals, painting for 5th grade plays, and throwing in a few meetings, phone calls, and tutoring sessions here and there.

Then, there's email... oh, the email drains time fast.  I think each of my email addresses (there are three... I think) have over one thousand opened messages each.  Why you ask?  Well, you can't delete the sweet ones because they are sweet.  Then, you have a principal (who is awesome) that puts quotes in her weekly emails, so you keep them because you never know when you will need that quote as a life jacket to pull you or a friend up.  Oh, and don't forget the emails that you open and you forget to read or you don't delete because you plan on going back later, but later might just be four months from now.  I think my oldest email might be from 2005.  Yep, I know... 8 years old... and that's only because I know the password to that email address.

Somewhere between the teaching, the memories, and the never ending email, you also have a dream and believe that some how not only can you work all day, but you can create at least three new things for your classroom a night, print, laminate, clean house, get on Pinterest, cook an incredible dinner (yeah, I know you know I go out to eat... skip that part), walk the dog, go to the gym, and take a two hour nap.

Doesn't that sound awesome?  In case you think I do all of that and I'm just skipping the blogging, yeah I don't.  My night really goes more like this.  I walk in the door around 6:00, sit down, eat dinner, piddle, piddle some more, panic (OMG I forgot to do the list of fantabulousness above), send one little FB message, create a list of what I did do (yes, and mark them out... that means a successful day, right?), and then fall in bed.

So, I'm saying all of this to say thank you.  You guys are awesome in ignoring the fact that I am blogging, oh, once a week right now, and all of you are being so very patient about my second nine weeks morning work packet (which by the way is SO very close to being finished).  Of course, I realize that you guys have the same crazy schedule as I do, so hang tight because yes, it is Thursday night, but tomorrow is Friday and with Friday comes a Saturday nap, a Sunday nap, and knowing by Sunday night that you are ready to dive back in and conquer the world.

Oh, before I forget, I have just a random one page freebie.  Hope you guys can use it!

I will definitely be back for 5 for Friday tomorrow.  I can't wait to show you what I've been doing with my kiddos this week.


  1. Faith, no need to apologize for anything! You could blog once a month and I'd still be grateful that you have the time/energy/know how to do it!

    Luckily we don't have quite the number of additional activities you have...just reading all that wore me out.

    Happy Weekend Eve!

    PS: How about cutting/pasting your principal's quotes into a word document or notes (if you are on a mac)...would help you eliminate a few emails and it would be easier to see them all at once/find just the one you need.

  2. Totally understand being busy! Thank you for the freebie!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  3. Sleep....it is the BEST healer! (That and a long vacation!) :) wendy 1stgradefireworks@gmail.com 1stgradefireworks

  4. Wow! There IS another me out there!!!
    Thanks for the freebie!

  5. Oh, I hear you on this post! This is SO me right now. There just aren't enough hours in the day to get done all that I would like to. Thanks for sharing the adorable freebie. :)