Fall Printables

The last two days have been crazy!  We had picture day yesterday.  Have I mentioned that I hate pictures?  I don't know why, but I just don't like them.  Probably because you can see that extra donut I grabbed or the fact I have chipmunk cheeks.  They have just never been my idea of fun.  They were also in the room across from me this year which stressed me a little.  I kept thinking that it was going to be loud or that my students' work would be on the floor.  I also kept thinking that my kiddos would definitely get into some sort of trouble.  The good thing is I have learned in life that 99% of things you think will happen, never do.  Well, in this case it was true.  The person helping with photos was a champ!  I swear I had no idea that anyone was across from me.  To top it off, my kiddos stayed focused and on task.   Outside of HAVING to get my picture made, it was a pretty great day.

Then, today was just an awesome day!  One of my kiddos got to the end of our math fluency wall.  She literally is fluent in all of her addition math facts.  Since that's a pretty big deal, we went to visit the principal and she got TWO surprises.  She also got an ice cream and a note home telling her mom.  I don't think I've ever seen a kid with a bigger grin.

We also got to work on one or two fun little projects which I will definitely be blogging about tomorrow.

Now, I have a little good news.  I finally finished my Fall Printables packet.  Below are pictures of a lot of the pages.  You can click on any of them to go check it out on TPT.  Four of the pages are free in the preview, so be sure to go check the preview.  If you are wanting it, definitely get it by Saturday morning.  I have it on sale.  It's really on sale until tomorrow night, but since I'm telling you guys a little late, I'm going to leave it until Saturday morning.

Oh, and just so you know the common core standard is at the bottom of each page.  Typically, I use some of my printables as review or morning work and some as assessments.  I created two sheets for almost every standard, so you could use one as a review and one as an assessment or you can use both as an assessment.  Really... it's completely up to you.  I try to make it where it can be adjusted to be whatever you need.  I know that I'm posting tons of pictures, but I know I like to see what I am getting, so I'm guessing you guys are the same way.

Up next, Winter Printables (Crazy, huh?) and Morning Work: 3rd 9 Weeks.  In case I haven't told you guys lately, thanks for your feedback and support.  I know I haven't done great with answering, but I read everything and your comments are making me smile :)  If you aren't following me on FB, definitely think about doing that.  In around two weeks, I am going to be in a Facebook 1st Grade Hop that will have TONS of freebies (If you follow our pages).

See you guys tomorrow and don't stay up too late!  It is a school night y'all!

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