A Whole Lot of November

Alright, so if you read my November Currently you know I am back.  Since I haven't missed blogging for over two weeks since I started blogging, let me fill you in on where I've been.  Oh, and yes, it is okay to laugh at me.  I laughed at me, so I promise it is allowed.

So, a little over two weeks ago we were having a bonfire for the fourth and fifth graders at our church.  We do this every year at a volunteer's house that has plenty of room for one hundred extra kiddos.  At the bonfire we do different games, a small Bible study, S'mores, and at the end of the night we play a huge game of Capture the Flag.

Well this year after Capture the Flag, we decided to play Hide-and-Go-Seek.  The adult leaders had to hide in the dark with glow sticks around their necks and the kids had to find them.  Two of the teenagers and I found the perfect spot.  It was behind really big bushes (The ones that are 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide).  I told the two teens that we would hide there, wait for the kids to run up on the porch, and we would push ourselves through the two bushes.  If we did that, we would easily make it to base.

The plan was perfect... almost perfect!  The kids came like I knew they would.  They ran up on the porch and I took off running.  Two steps out of the bushes and I am tripping and falling.  I trip over the ledge of the sidewalk that goes to the front of the house and come down hard on my left hand.

Fast forward a few hours, three x-rays, and a trip to the emergency room and I have a sprained hand that's wrapped up in a massive cast for a week.  Friends, that was the longest week of my life.  The only person that had a longer week was probably my hubby who had to shuttle me everywhere.

Did I mention I'm left handed and it was my left hand in a cast?  Well, that was the end of ponytails, dress pants, and most of my favorite foods for the week.  It also meant having to learn to write right handed and how to walk away from a few things for a week or two including blogging.

Now that I've told you my "Woe is me" story, feel free to leave yours in the comments below.  Oh, and two more things.  I have my new and improved November Book Reports ready.  Feel free to click on any of the pictures below to go get them.

Also, I am in a Facebook Hop for the next couple of days.  If you click on the button below, it will take you to my Facebook page.  Once there, like my page, click on the Fall Freebie button, and grab my freebie.  All of the teachers in the hop are all first grade teachers, so enjoy!  I know I'm about to go load up.

Have a good night and I will see you guys tomorrow!


  1. Haha, I laughed way too hard at that! So sorry that you got hurt but the visual picture was hilarious! I have no room to laugh though because I fell and sprain my hand when I tripped over my computer cord getting out of bed! This is the same way that I broke my toe


    I am loving your monthly book reports

    You should definitely be charging for these :)

  2. I don't know if we are living each other's lives, but I did the same thing almost 3 weeks ago to my right hand and I'm right handed. I severely sprained my wrist and hand - no cast, but just the splint for 2 weeks and now I'm trying life without the splint. Hand still hurts, but it's getting better. I don't have a good story about hurting myself - I just missed a step while walking backwards out of a planter where I had dropped my keys at 6:30am on my way to work! Lame story - even worse was that our downstairs neighbor opened his front door just as I was trying to get up!

    Thanks for the freebie book reports.


  3. You poor thing! I don't have a 'woe is me story' as I have never broken or sprained anything. But I do have a "can you believe how stupid I was" story to cheer you up. We had just moved into our brand spanking new house. I am taking out the trash about 10pm and scream that I saw a mouse in the garage. My husband comes running out and shuts the door. The one that is like a hotel door and lets you go out but is locked from the other side. And the only windows that are open/unlocked are too high to reach, as our house is on an incline.

    So i went to my sister's six houses down, scared the living daylights out of my BIL by tapping on the window, borrowed a ladder and carried it back through everyone's backyard hoping no one calls the police. Had to climb the ladder and cut the screen to get in.

    Went to the hardware store the next day for a new screen and copies of our key. Which we promptly gave my sister! Just in case...

  4. LOVE your book reports. Thank you so much for sharing them!

  5. I love the Currently charts everyone is posting. Is there an app, template, or something to do them? Kari - aftershockrut@comcast.net

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    Love, Bri