Resolutions and New Bundle

Posting two days in a row… I know… you are trying to pick yourself up off the floor.  I guess that's the good thing about long breaks.  You can only watch so many Hallmark Christmas movies before you need something to break up your day.

Anyway, I have started thinking about resolutions.  At the top of my list is lose weight.  Isn't that at the top of most teachers' lists?  Plus, I am already paying for the gym which I have visited 0 times since June.  That's like giving away free money.  Who does that on a monthly basis?  I love giving, but I'm not sure giving to a gym is the best way to do that.

Next on my list is I want to be more intentional with my time.  Yes, I know that is more than a little resolution, but if I will be more intentional with my time that would cover every other goal I have.  For example, if I'm more intentional, I won't get sick (hopefully).  If I'm more intentional, I will see my family more.  If I'm more intentional, I will cook dinner, not get home as late, and not rush through my Bible studies.  I have learned the art of doing a five day study in one afternoon and I'm definitely great at cooking dinner by picking up ChickfilA or pizza on my way home.  So, intentional it is… hopefully I'll eat a few less pizzas and see a few extra movies.

Finally… oh wait, there isn't a finally.  Yep.  I am only coming up with two goals, I mean resolutions.  Plus, I tried to pick two that are possible.  I'm definitely not saying I will work out every day because friends, we know how that will end… I will go to the gym the first two days and be done.  Even four days a week would be complicated once you hit vacations.

Alright, so feel free to share your resolutions below.  I always like to see what others come up with.  I'm sure I will also do a post on my FB page too.

Now, the last thing I have to share is I bundled ALL of my seasonal printable packets.  The packet includes all of the sets you see below.  If you get each set as an individual set you will spend $45.  As a bundle, the set is $30.  However, it is on sale through tomorrow (12/28/13), so you can get it for $24.  You can click on any of the pictures below to go grab the bundle.  If you aren't quite sure what you are getting into, each of the individual packets has several freebies.  They are listed with links in the main bundle, so feel free to go download several of those to get a feel for what is in the bundle.

Also, a few people have asked what will happen with the bundle if I create more printables.  Those printable sets will be added to this set as they are created.  So, once you buy this packet, you will have access to future printable sets.

I hope everyone has a great Saturday!  Don't forget to take a Saturday afternoon nap, especially if it is a cold, rainy day.


  1. I just purchased this bundle & it's wonderful! My resolution would be to work smarter & maybe not longer- haha. I manage to allow teaching to overtake me. I don't know how all you teachers teach & create for TPT- but I am super thankful that you do! Thanks, Carol

  2. Still thinking of my resolution....smiles and stop by anytime!