February Fun

I know that we are still in January, but February is coming very quickly.  February is jam-packed with fun crafts.  So, here is my February wish list.  Here is a list of pins that I'd really like to try out in my classroom over the next few weeks.  Oh, and I promise I remembered that teachers have crazy, busy schedules, so I tried to pick things that are possible to pull off without making you feel like you may pull your hair out.  My list varies from snacks to art projects to centers.  Oh, and since I've been blogging over a year (crazy, huh?), I pulled up a few things I made last year that went great.

#1 Groundhog Day Treats
To me, holidays aren't fun without a cute little treat.  I found this idea on Playtime with Mommy.  It's a reasonably cheap snack that you could easily let your kids put together themselves.  

#2 Groundhog Shadows
If you've been following me for awhile, then you probably remember that last year I kind of, accidentally taught my kids the wrong thing with groundhogs.  I'm not sure why, but I swear I have these little memory lapses where info just does not stick.  So, I didn't want to have a repeat, so I found this awesome little craft at Almost Unschoolers.  It is too cute and best of all, it explains what it means if the groundhog sees his shadow.

#3 Presidents' Day Video
I found this last year and my kiddos loved it!  I always have to share Harry Kindergarten videos.  If you haven't heard about him, check him out on YouTube.  He's great!

#4 Heart Mosaics
If you've followed me for awhile, you know I love crafty ideas.  Creating is fun and in my world, creating never feels like work.  Anyway, this little project came from my friend Corinna at Surfin' Through Second.  It would be a great filler for a day where you need a quick activity.  We will probably write poetry to go with ours.

#5 Heart Bags
In the past, we've done shoe boxes for all of our gifts, but it never fails that I have a few not bring their boxes or someone doesn't cut the hole in the top big enough for the cards.  After several years of cutting my fingers up trying to jam packets of Nerds into the top of a shoe box, I found this great bag idea.  Here's a picture of the ones we made last year.  They turned out great and were very easy.

#6 Heart Freebies
Well, if you have any of my printable sets you've probably noticed I don't have a Valentine's Day set of printables.  Last year, I created these printables to share so you would know what my other printables were like.  If you like these, please visit my TPT store and check out my other printable sets or even the bundle.  The bundle has all the printables I've created.  Oh yeah, to get these printables and a few more click on any of the V-day pictures.

#7 Heart Crayons
A few years ago, I made some of these (mine were square) and they were a huge hit!  I found these over at First Grade Critter Cafe and they are too cute!  She gives tons of pictures so that you can see the step-by-step process and the instructions for making the crayons work.  The other thing I loved is my friend has tons and tons of other Valentine ideas.

#8 Valentine Bookmarks
This was another find from last year.  My kids loved these!  I printed, laminated, and cut them apart.  When my kiddos grabbed their book bins on Valentine's Day, they found the bookmarks.  The creator is Aynsley Patton.  If you grab them, be sure to leave her some sweet feedback.  She's pretty new to TPT, so I'm sure she will appreciate it!

Alright, I'm sure there are hundreds of other ideas, but these were just a few of my favorites.  Also, in case you haven't checked lately, I have several packets in my store that cover February.  Below are the cover pages for those packets.  I hope you will take time to check them out.

Have a great Thursday and stay warm!


  1. LOVE the dirt cups as Ground Hog Day goodies. So perfect! Love your Roll and Bump too! Such a fun way to practice addition facts. Great stuff Faith!
    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  2. Are you going to be making February Book Reports? I just discovered you and love the January and March ones!