Bears and Bees Task Cards

Every Friday my class takes a break from our every day math to do math task cards.  My tasks are a combo of centers and tasks.  I set up the tasks all around my room and give my kiddos their recording sheets.  Friends, if you haven't invested in clipboards, they are a key investment.  I buy a class set at the beginning of each year and they come in handy for everything.  I know that probably seems random, but my kiddos attach their recording sheets to their clipboards, so I can set up tasks on desks, the floor, really anywhere.  After I pass out recording sheets I pair up my kids.  Sometimes, I let them pick their partners, sometimes I pair them based off of strengths, and sometimes it is just a random pairing.  Once they are paired up, they are off to complete tasks.  I know it probably seems chaotic, but the best way to do this is to allow one group at a time to go pick where they start and then allow the kids to move where they would like to move as they finish a task.  I didn't think it would work well, but overall it has.  I also tell my kids if there are seven tasks that they have to complete five of the tasks.   Here are the tasks we did this week.  If you're interested in them, click on the pictures and it will take you to them.

Friends, I am not kidding, I tried to skip doing task cards last week and my kids asked me why we weren't doing the task cards.  Then, yesterday while we were doing this set, one of my students asked me when we were going to start math.  I said that we were doing math.  She said, "This isn't math.  We are playing games."  Isn't that our ultimate goal?  To teach when they have no clue that's what is happening.  I think my favorite part of doing this is I don't feel like I am wasting my Fridays anymore.  I've always given tests on Fridays, so afterwards I always felt like I wasted the rest of my day.  Now, I use these to fill in some of the gaps.

Alright, sorry if it sounds like I'm trying to sell you on the idea.  This has truly become one of my favorite times of the week and it only takes around an hour to prep everything including printing, laminating, and cutting.  Once I do that, I store them in bags and keep them from year to year so after that there is almost zero prep.

Have a great Saturday!


  1. LOVE! Love it all. Your station procedures remind me of how I used to run stations when I was doing children's church for our preschoolers (ages 2 - 5). Now in my 2nd grade classroom, when I'm not being a time control freak, I also like to make the station "rotation" more open. I just love your Bears & Bees theme. And the skills are perfect as a review to get my kids ready for their high-stakes spring assessments.

  2. What a neat idea! Thanks for sharing, I would like to try this.

  3. I LOVE Task cards! Math is one area I need to give more freedom to my kiddos! I spend WAY too much time talking! I am working on that! :) Wendy 1stgradefireworks