March Currently

Guess what's up?  Farley's Currently!  Love her Currently and after a week of getting a new morning work packet done, having lots of meetings, and a sale it is nice to unwind a little.
So, here's my Currently.  Remember, if you link up to follow Farley's rule of three.  Comment on the two posts before you and the one after you.
Dallas just came back on air after like a year off.  Well, since it's been awhile, I can't remember what happened.  So, I am catching back up on Netflix.  Plus, I usually focus best when I have background noise.

This is my favorite song right now.  It is simply calming.

Now that the morning work packets are done, I cannot wait to start on something new.  Right now, my To Do List includes new task cards, a comprehension packet, and updating a few packets.  I have a list a mile long :)  I can't wait to have a little fun with some new clip art :)

It really is a want.  I get so much done when I have an extra day off.  That's all.

There's nothing I have to have.  I'm sure there are a few things that would be fun, but there's really nothing right now that I think, "I have to have that now!"

Isn't this a fun one?  I give you the answer and you have to figure out what the question is.  My three ____________ are monograms, smelly markers, and Dre Beats.  Have fun with that one.

Alright, have a fun Saturday!


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  2. I am so dumb! I asked what the name of the song was and it's right there in the currently. I think I need more coffee.


  3. Thanks for the tip--I'm going to spend my day watching Dallas! I am totally stumped on your question...

  4. I wonder if these are three things you love to have! I know I love smelly markers. What are Dre Beats?
    I found your blog through Currently, and I have enjoyed looking around. You have some great posts.

  5. I'm going to guess that they are the 3 things you can't pass up when shopping? I know I can't pass up smelly markers! Isn't it funny how you finish a big project and immediately feel the need to start something else? I'm right there with you right now! Great currently!