Calendar Math

Alright, I feel like I need to introduce myself.  Seriously y'all!  I haven't blogged in several months.  So, here it goes.  Hi!  I'm Faith.  I have a blog.  If you are new to my blog, I love showing you fun ideas that you can use in your classroom.  Most of the time I try to be funny and keep things lighthearted.  Our jobs and lives are way too hectic to throw in any sort of drama, so my goal is for everyone to leave here with an idea and a smile.  I am so far from perfect and while hopefully my pictures look great, don't forget I've cut out the bag of garbage that needs to go out, the pile of clothes I haven't folded, and the stack of papers on the edge of my desk.

So, if you are new, that's me and if you've been around awhile, then I'm sure you are ready to roll.

If you've been keeping up with me on my Facebook page, you know I've been working on Calendar Math.  Friends, the cover stayed the same, but that's about it.  I updated almost every slide.  I also tried to add in several of the things that my fans asked for like money.  I'm going to be honest, I know weather was requested, but I didn't add it this time.  I may add it later, but by the time I finished dealing with my crazy computer issues, I was ready to be done.  Once I get a few other things finished up, I may go back and add it.  We'll see.

So, one of the questions I've been asked several times is how do I use this in my classroom.  Well, my typical morning routine is morning work and then calendar math.  We have Ladibugs in our classroom, so I use my Ladibug to go over morning work on our Activboard.  After that, I start calendar time.

Now, I'm sure when you see the size of this flip chart,  you will be thinking, "How does she do ALL of that in one day?"  Friends, I don't... at all!  I typically do the calendar slide and my number chart slide every day.  After that, I pick and choose based off what standards we are covering.  For example, if we are working on addition, then I'll usually hit on the the addition slides.

Then, I usually try to pick one or two slides that we have covered in the past.  Sometimes I base this off of something I notice my students struggling with that was on morning work.  Other times, I use it as a quick review or just to spot check.

Typically, when I finish I've covered around five to seven of the slides depending on how much time we spend on each one.  From the time I start until the time I end, I spend around 40 minutes, but keep in mind that includes reviewing our morning work, calendar, a few songs, and I usually go ahead and touch on our math lesson if I have time.  Sometimes, I even throw in a few extra sentences to correct (language arts) or a reading comprehension packet.

Hope this helps a little with understanding what we are doing.  Below are pictures of my Calendar Math packet.  If you are interested, you can click on any of the pictures and it will take you to store.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. This looks great! I need this in my classroom. You have such cute ideas!!
    Kristy from Teaching Times 2

  2. Another great product! I don't know what I'd do without some of your products sometimes! I know what you mean about reintroducing yourself to the blogging world. I had the best intentions this
    First Grade at Storybook Cafe