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Hi Guys!
So, I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  Sshhh!!!!  Actually, it's a pretty big secret... one that you can tell to ALL your teacher friends.  Teachers Pay Teachers is throwing another SALE!  I know you just double checked and read that again, but it's true!  So many teachers went back early, but there are still tons of teachers that haven't gone back, so we are having another ONE DAY SALE on Wednesday, August, 20.  That gives you a chance to save 28%.  I'm not going to lie, I'm looking forward to going shopping.  If you want to visit my store, just click any of the images below.

Some of my blogging buddies and I decided that we wanted you to see some of our favorite/top selling items.  We are also all including a freebie that you can use with or in your class.

Well, I know you already know about my morning work, so I wanted to show you my editable binders.  I have multiple versions of them, so if you like stripes more than damask or damask more than chevron, then you have some options.

Here are some sample pics from one of my packets.

Also, so you can test out a portion of my packet, I've included a few sheets from it as a freebie.
Now, click below to check out the item from Christina from Second Grade Sugar and Spice.  I am certain you will LOVE her packet and her freebie.  She's definitely one of my favorites!!!!

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  1. What a beautiful set of organizational tools! :) Thank you so much for featuring this! :) It's so helpful at this time of the year to get your thoughts together in this way! :) Great post! ;)