Full Moon Freebie

So, tonight I spent some time working with a few of my favorite PTO girls on Fall Festival stuff, flyers, etc.  The good news is I convinced them that we should multitask and eat dinner and work.  We seriously knocked out some work and I definitely got my fill of caffeine.

After dinner, I'm driving home, rocking out to the Pitch Perfect soundtrack.  Yes, I know completely sad, but friends I LOVE that movie!  I've seriously watched it at least 100 times.  Some days I watch/listen to it three times.  I'm just rocking along, pull in my neighborhood, make a turn and... Bam!  I see this massive, beautiful moon and I think, "Ah... that's what happened today!"  My kiddos are seriously SO much fun!  Love them and they make me laugh and smile all day.  Today though (as sweet as my little munchkins are), they were slightly (way more) talkative and more excited than usual.  Now I know why :)  So, if today you thought, "What happened to my sweet, perfect angels?" just know that we have a beautiful full moon.

In other news, I am teaming up with The Learning Station to do this awesome giveaway!  Friends, I'm going to be honest.  I am the world's worst giveaway girl.  I hate clicking through hundreds of links and liking tons of things.  So, when I created this giveaway I wanted to keep that in mind and make this short and sweet.  It's literally four clicks - like my Facebook fan page(which hopefully you already do), like their Facebook fan page, like my TPT page, and like their Pinterest page.  It's that simple.  Plus, I have to say, I have these CDs and their DVDs and they are awesome!  I just know you guys will love them!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Alright, now, for the freebie.  So, my school has a fairy tale theme this year, so we've been trying to find ways to incorporate that into things we do every day.  Well, this week we started flex grouping which is awesome!  We are breaking the kids out into skills groups so they can work on areas that are weaknesses or so that they can get extra enrichment.  Seriously friends!  Even our principal has jumped right in to help and took a group today.

Anyway, I'm teaching my group how to record the books they read and how to do book reports this week, so today we did a fairy tale book report.  I thought you guys may like it, so click the picture to grab it.  If you have my FAIRY TALE BUNDLE it fits right in with that bundle.

Hope you enjoy and have an incredible Wacky Wednesday!!!

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  1. It was moontacular!!!!!! Thanks for the freebie! What's your favorite Fairy Tale to share with your kiddos?

    1. I love doing Jack and the Beanstalk :) I actually build a big beanstalk in my room and tie in plants with it. My grade level also does rotations.

  2. You're a hardworker! It's good that you are able to balance important things in life like your family, work, friends...and cup of coffee! By the way, this is a great feeebie. Thanks for sharing!