FarFaria Giveaway and Graphing Freebies

Do you ever have that moment that you wish you could rewind?  Well, I am having that moment right this second.  So, we had Fall Festival on Friday night.  To help us all keep up with each other and things that needed to be done, we downloaded an app called Voxer.  This app basically turns your cell phone into a Walkie Talkie.  It was great that night!  You would send quick messages and all of us on that channel could hear what was happening.  Great app!  Loads of help!  Well, that is until tonight.  My sweet hubby decided to grab my phone because the little orange box caught his eye.  People, we are in the middle of DINNER in a RESTAURANT!  The next thing I know, I spend the next thirty minutes with him downloading the app, talking to himself in my phone, then in his phone, and then in my phone again. We get home, I walk to the bedroom to change clothes when I get home and hear the little "Chirp! Chirp!"  We are ONE room away from each other and message after message.  The good news is my phone is now silent, yet I still hear little chirps.  Do you want to know why?  Well, now he is messaging all of his buddies and getting them to download the app, so they are now messaging each other.  Yep!  That's my night!  I owe my room mom for this one!  I'm on hour number TWO of listening to that little chirping noise.  You hear me Katie?  That's my night teacher friends!  Stay far, far away from that app!

Now, in other news, if you didn't get a chance to enter my FarFaria giveaway last night, be sure to check it out tonight.  They are giving me ONE 3-month subscription to giveaway.  If you have iPads in your classroom and your kiddos love books, then this is the app for you!  If you aren't sure, then download it for free and check it out!  You can read one book a day for free.

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Would you guys like more freebies?  Well, I was filing TONS of papers into my notebooks this afternoon.  Seriously friends, I pull things, copy them, and then they pile up for a few months and I'm like, "Oh, guess those need to find their home again."  Am I the only one that does that?  I hope not!  So, I started filing and while I'm filing, I found a few fall goodies from last year.  The second I spotted them, I got all excited!  It was like Christmas because I seriously forgot I did these last year.  So, hope you can use them too.  If you click on the images, you can download them.  Oh, and to do the graphs, I ordered some of the beads from Oriental Trading last year.  They worked great and the kids loved them!  If you don't have time to order, then you could easily find similar items at a craft store, you could use a die-cut machine,  or you could draw the shapes.

Hope you enjoy the freebies and have a great day tomorrow!

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  1. We have our Fall Festival this weekend- thank goodness we have real walkie talkies ;)
    Thank you so much for the awesome graph! Michael's craft store had the best plastic colored leaves that this will be amazing to go with!! Thanks!!!