Morning Work Review

Last week, I was going over morning work with my class and was thinking about how many things I hit when going over it.  It's rare for me to skip this time.  It is part of our daily routine.  I do it for two reasons.  First of all, I have some kids that go to Running Club, some that get on Headsprout, and some that slide in right before the bell rings.  Those students don't always have time to finish the morning work, but so many skills are reviewed, I don't want them to miss them.  Second of all, it is a review.  It is my opportunity to make sure that they are constantly seeing things that I have previously taught.  When I was growing up, I played sports and my coaches always said, "Perfect practice makes perfect".  Reviewing gives me an opportunity to make sure that my students are practicing perfectly.

Anyway, below are pictures of one of my language arts and my math morning work pages.  I've included some tips for how I review each of the pages.

Also, if you do not have a Ladibug in your classroom and you do have a projector, I would highly recommend getting one.  It is a projection camera, so it comes in very handy for showing your kids printables, projects, etc.

If you haven't checked out my morning work, click on either of the packets below to view it.

Have a great week!

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