Mothers Day Gifts

I love giving gifts, but classroom gifts always leave me feeling a little stumped.  It's easy to create something quick and fun when it's for one person, even two people.  However, when you have a classroom with 18 to 24 kids depending on the year, it is complicated, especially when the 18 to 24 kids are between the ages of six and seven and you are on your own.  So, here are a few ideas that are reasonably cheap.
Last year, I did this little surprise.  It was a card and then we attached a candy bar to the back of it. Quick, simple, and fun.  If you need something that isn't time consuming, feel free to click on the image.  It's a freebie, so maybe it will help you.

This year, my teammates and I decided to work together.  I had already started thinking I may want to do the awesome "Spa Moms" that my girls at Fluttering Through First Grade created.  As my teammate would say, "They are the!"  Seriously, these take a little time and effort, but they turned out great.  You can click the image below to go grab the packet.

First, we made our Spa Moms and coupon books.  One of my teammates let the kids write their own coupons.  I kind of got a late start, so we decided to use the pre-made coupons. That's one of the greatest things about their packet - you have options!

After we made our Spa Moms and coupon books, we made a scrub.  My teammate found the little mason jars at Walmart in cases of 12.  The scrub used baby oil, Johnson's baby soap, and sugar.  To make four little jars, you need to use 1/4 cup of baby oil, 1/4 a cup of Johnson's lavender baby soap, and 2 cups of sugar.  You stir it all together and then put it into the little mason jars.  We found the recipe at Woven Beautiful.  If you click the image, it will take you to it.
Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

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