June Currently

Oh, boy!  I actually did it.  I haven't done a Currently in so long, but I thought it would be nice to catch up with y'all.

 Here's my Currently for June.

I'm in work mode right now, so I have to have a television show when I'm working.  Right now, I'm going through a "Chopped" phase.  The only downside is it makes me want to snack.  So far, I'm fighting off the urge to dive into Pringles and ice cream.

Today is my first REAL day of summer.  It's just nice to go to bed when I want, wake up when I want, create all day, and take naps whenever.  I love the freedom of summer.

So, I'm sure we all feel that way.  I have been making shirts using my Cameo for my family and friends, so I have a ton of shirts to get done this week.  I also am trying to be a better blogger, get a few TPT products knocked out, and oh, did I mention that I'm presenting at the I Teach 1st! conference in Vegas?  Right now, that's moving to the front of my mind quickly, so I'm also trying to make sure I have my session together.  I'm a ball of excitement and nerves right now which leads into...

I know once the list starts to get done everything will become so much easier and I will relax.  Yes, I wish it would magically get done, but fortunately it may not magically get done, but I finally have some down time to put a dent in my list.  Plus, I have a beach trip this summer, so that will definitely help mellow me out because there's nothing better than some time on the beach with boiled peanuts and a Coke (at least that's my world).

I love sleeping in, sunshine, and time with my family and friends.  During the school year I think most of us go until we have nothing left, so it's always nice to fill up our tanks during the summer time.  I still have a few meetings and I still think nonstop about how I can be a better teacher, but I let my guard down a little and relax.  Isn't it nice to relax and have a little margin sometimes?

So, here are the rules to the Currently.  Make sure if you participate to follow the rules or else!  Just kidding, but seriously, do follow the rules because doesn't everyone want a couple of comments?

Have a great week everyone!


  1. I'm like you...I want to get everything done so I can relax...but I keep adding things to my list of things to do. I'm trying to get that under control this summer!!

    How exciting that you are presenting at I Teach 1st! You are lucky you are going to the beach this summer!!!

  2. Have fun on your beach trip!! Yay for finally being on summer - I'm jealous!!

    Learning to be awesome

  3. How exciting to be presenting at I Teach 1st, but also nerve wracking I'm sure! I am attending my first SDE conference this summer (the Differentiated Instruction one) and I can't wait to learn more!

  4. Glad you are resisting Pringles. I just don't buy or I would eat. I'm the half of our team that lives in Hilton Head. You are right that beach time is most relaxing. Good luck with your presentation and have fun in Vegas.