Third Grade Classroom

So, last year I changed grade levels.  I moved to third grade.  When I moved, I decided to take a break from blogging.  I loved blogging, but I just wanted to spend a year learning a new grade level without the pressure of trying to come up with the next best thing.  A week turned into a month.  A month turned into six months.  Before I knew it six months turned into a year.

I'm sure y'all get it!  Sometimes with Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and all the other social media sites you get caught up in trying to keep up with the Jones' instead of just doing what is best for your kids.  So, I spent a year just breathing.  I still took tons of photos, but I didn't worry about trying to get specific photos or trying to plan for presentations.  I just spent time enjoying my new grade level.

Anyway, now that I've taken a break, I'm ready to try to tackle blogging again.

What better place to start than with my classroom?

MPM School Supplies sent me several items to try out in my classroom.  While I did receive some of these items for free, some of the things below, I had paid for in the past.  Their stuff fits perfectly with my theme.  After each photo, I'll try to post links to where you can find the items I've used and links to the items they've sent me.

What I like most is their prices are comparable to other companies and they offer free shipping if you spend over a certain amount.

All of my borders came from MPM School Supplies.
My galvanized containers are from Amazon. I got them several years ago and haven't seen these exact ones since I got them.

The wood border and the chalkboard calendar came from MPM School Supplies.
The baskets, bookshelves, and cubby inserts came from Target.  They are usually near the laundry stuff if you are looking for them.

I included this close up, so you could see my borders and the wood background paper better.  You can also find both of these items on MPM School Supplies.  My wooden chalkboard was created by a good friend of mine.  You can find her on Facebook at Sawdust N Rust.  She also built me an amazing bench with TONS of storage. When you have a tiny room, you will do anything for a little extra storage space.

These are the little treats that I had ready for my parents and students at orientation.  I made these specific labels, but there were several similar ones on Pinterest.  I looked up "Back to School kid gifts" and found the bubble idea there.

To help with forms, I send home all of the school forms during our orientation.  I make sure the emergency card and transportation form are filled out at school that day.  My personal class forms are sent home the first day of school.  This seems to really help with organization and I think it keeps my parents from feeling overwhelmed with 10,000 forms all at once.

This last photo is of the outside of my door.  I just used wood grain paper and wood grain duct tape.  Yes, wood grain duct tape actually exists!  The paper is from MPM School Supplies.  I found the duct tape and the Farm Fresh Eggs sign at Hobby Lobby.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.  MPM loaded me up with a lot of neat materials that were perfect for decorating my room.  One of the other things I loved is I felt like I found everything I needed at one place when it came to borders and papers. In the past, I've had to get some at a school supply store, some on Amazon, some at Hobby Lobby.  They have really attempted to cover all areas.

Since I'm trying REALLY hard to do better with blogging, later this week I'm going to share a few math games and posters I found from MPM School Supply.  Last year, I discovered that third grade math is completely different than anything I have ever taught or done.  I spent this summer being intentional when buying items.  When MPM contacted me, I looked for very specific items to meet my students' needs and was pleased to find so many quality items.

Hope you enjoyed a quick walkthrough of my classroom!  Have a great night!

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