New Position, New Blog

So almost two years ago, I left first grade to become a third grade teacher. I thought I would teach first grade forever until I didn't want to teach first grade forever anymore. Fortunately for me, I have an amazing principal that knew what was best for me even before I did. So, the last week of school she asked, "What would you think about moving?" The rest quickly became history.

Moving was great, but that left my blogging world in limbo. I had been 1st Grade Fantabulous for several years. I even changed my email to 1st Grade Fantabulous. While I was not in first grade anymore, I didn't want to make changes to my blog quite yet. After all, what if I didn't like third grade? What if I wasn't good at teaching older kids? I had hundreds of thoughts and questions, so while I figured out third grade, I didn't worry about blogging. 

Fast forward a year and a half later and I was ready to figure out my blogging world again. It took weeks to think of a new name. Then, I talked to Christina from Miss DeCarbo and she said, "Just use your name and add one word to it." Oh my goodness! So simple! Why didn't I think of that? Once I had a name, I was ready to go, but I know absolutely nothing about creating a beautiful blog design, but I know who does.

I contacted The 3 AM Teacher, Michelle, and asked her to come up with a new blog design. We emailed back and forth, shared photos, etc. It took a little time, especially on my side since I was balancing my school schedule. She was extremely easy to work with and willing to help get things set up that I did not always understand. Seriously, y'all! She even took the wrinkles out of my forehead in my photograph when I wasn't sure that was the best photograph. 

So, welcome to my new blog design and my new blog name Faith Wheeler: Education. Eventually, I will change my other social media to match, but it may be a few weeks. Who knew it would be so hard to let go of my old name? Also, I have to say using my full name (although I never hid it) feels odd on Facebook and Instagram. However, I am so excited about this change because I see so many blogging possibilities, especially with topics about parent involvement and special events.

Thank you for continuing to follow me while I figured out how to transition from first grade to third grade and how to grow into this world of blogging and creating again. 

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Congratulations on the new blog. I'm so glad you are enjoying 3rd grade. Thank you for continuing to share your journey.