Super Sunday

I hope everyone is having a fantabulous Sunday!  I have to say, although I don't want the hurricane working it's way up the east coast to harm anyone, the weather has been a welcome change.  It's been nice to be able to snuggle up under a blanket for naps and enjoy a Pumpkin Spice Latte without sweat running down my back.  I don't love cold weather, but I do love the fall and seeing all the leaves change and the new smells.

Anyway, my team is starting our Fairy Tale rotations this week and I thought you guys would like to see what that looks like.  

My team and I met and came up with this schedule.  We started on a Tuesday so we can have Monday to get things together.  We figured 45 minutes would give us time to read the story, discuss the story, and do one or two activities.  We ended up breaking up the rotations because of our specials (PE, music, etc.).  Usually, we do our own classes last, but we decided we would start with our kids this time and work our way around.  We have our students travel clockwise, so it's easier to keep up with where they are going.

Hopefully, by Thursday I will have a lot of pictures of all of our activities.  We are doing Jack and the Beanstalk in my room.  I'm planning on making a beanstalk that goes to the ceiling, reading the book using my iPad connected into my Activboard, doing a Jack-to-self comparison chart, and letting the kids plant their own "Magic Beans".

By the way, the best part about making a schedule is I can email it out to everyone it may affect - office staff, administrators, etc.  That always helps because they know where our students are if they need them for anything.

Also, I have officially added my Fairy Tales - Red Riding Hood unit to TPT.  I'm working on several others, too, but wanted to go ahead and put that one up.  I hope you will check it out :)

Have a great Sunday!

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