Teachable Thursdays

This may be my quickest post ever!  I'm on Day 3 of leaving school early which feels odd for me.  I NEVER leave early in the afternoon.  I come up with my best ideas between 3:30-6:30 every day.  I'm feeling a little behind, especially going into a week where we are doing first grade rotations.  The one good thing is I know exactly what I want to do with Jack and the Beanstalk.  

Anyway, I'm fading fast (Must be the garlic knots, pizza, and Coke from dinner tonight).  Yeah, I know... it's my "sickness".  However, I'm trying to pretend I'm just tired :)  

The first sheet I created for one of my teammates.  It can be used when teaching writing, antagonists, fairy tales, folk tales, etc.  I know that there are several other Wanted posters out there, but I tried to make mine different than the others.  

I also threw together a word search template.  I had one last year, but I wanted to make a new one.  Have students fill in words at the bottom.  Once they have done that, they can write the words at different angles into the boxes at the top.  Once they've done that, have them fill in any letters that may be missing.  My high kids LOVE doing these and it's a good way for them to go over spelling/phonics words.

Hope you enjoy it!  Click here for the two freebies.

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  1. brilliant you are really lovely to share your resources thank you x