Marvelous Manic Monday

So, I'm just curious, but am I the only exhausted teacher?  I feel like I went non-stop today.  My kids were great, but at this rate I will be in bed by 9:00.

Oh, and just curious, but do any of you have any good ideas for teaching long vowels and short vowels.  I gave my kids a worksheet this morning thinking that this skill is simple - oh, no!  It was not simple.  When my kids that get "everything" right didn't understand I realized that maybe I missed something.  They know the sounds, but somewhere along the lines they missed that half of those sounds are considered long and the other half are short.  I had an impromptu meeting on the rug to review for awhile today, but it is obviously going to take more than one meeting.  By the way, that meeting also caused us to be 5 minutes late to lunch.  I'm telling you, this huge discovery was quite unbelievable to me.  The joys of first grade!  So, when you read this paragraph first, leave me a comment on any ideas you may have and second, know that there will be some sort of freebie center, worksheet, activity (probably all three) coming soon to a blog near you - mine!!!

Now, outside of all this craziness, I did accomplish one thing today.  I dug up a freebie that I created a lloonngg time ago during a faculty meeting.  I know that's bad to admit, but I did hear everything.  I just hear much more if I can draw while I listen.  You should see my church journal :)  It is loaded with drawings and notes :)  Oops! Okay, I'm back on topic.  These are two of my favorite morning work sheets every year and my kids seem to enjoy them.  I have a few more, so I will hopefully grab those tomorrow.  I also can't wait to show you my newest writing project.  We started today and it is going great!  Hopefully, I will have it ready to go tomorrow :)

Anyway, here are the worksheets.  If you like them, click HERE to get them.

Hope you had a great day and don't forget to go to TPT and check out the sales!  Click HERE to go to my store.


  1. This is super cute! I can't wait to use this with my first graders!! :) They love doing these as they forget they are even doing math because they are enjoying it so much!

    PS I am your newest follower!

    Learning to the Core

  2. Aw! Thank you :) I love to draw when I have time. Hopefully, I will get a few more of these created. My kids are the same way. This group of kids LOVES to color :)

  3. This is adorable! Perfect for our math unit! As for short and long vowels. We learn how to use macrons, accent marks, and breves. I tell my students that the we need to an accent mark to the long vowels because otherwise the vowel will keep going and walk right out the door. We have now gotten into vowel consonant "e". We call it a "sneaky e" The sneak e comes up and scares the vowel into saying it's long sound! My students have caught on VERY quickly!

    1. I may have to try the macrons, accent marks, and breves. I already do the "sneaky e". They understand that, but it's just funny how they are struggling with understanding the difference between short and long vowels even with getting the "sneaky e".

  4. I sing a song for them that goes to the tune of Old MacDonald, Every word has a vowel a,e,i,o,u. And every vowel makes two sounds, a,e,i,o, u. With an ______________ and a ______________here. Here a ______________ there a _______________. Everywhere a ___________, ______.
    The first blank is the short vowel sound and the second blank is the long vowel sound. I also made "Magic Wands" with an e on them and put CVC words on sentence strips around the room. They take their wand and change the word to a long vowel word.
    Thanks for the math sheets!

  5. Thank you for sharing this - I saw it on Pinterest. :-)

  6. Thank you solo much for sharing! This is exactly what I needed for a sub day this week!