Super Sunday!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, my goodness!  I didn't think I was ever going to finish my Language Arts & Math Christmas Printables, but it is officially finished!  I didn't cover every standard, but I think I only left out a handful.  It is also finished right in time for a huge TPT sale.  See my button below.  It's by Ashley Hughes who I think may be one of the most creative people I know.  My sale actually started today, but to save more you are definitely going to want to check this sale out on Monday and Tuesday.  Click HERE to go to my store.

I don't know about all of you, but I think I'm more excited about loading up than I am about what I may sell.  I've been looking forward to getting several items, especially clip art and some of the cute things I've seen on Pinterest.  Just this morning, I saw a set to use with Elf on the Shelf.  I can't wait for my elf to "reappear".  Last year, it made Christmas a little more fun for me and it definitely helped with behaviors.  I think I'm going to have him make a pretty loud, obnoxious entrance ;)  I am not ready to quit sleeping in, but I'm definitely looking forward to the next few weeks.

Also, I mentioned that I had finished my Christmas Printables packet.  Well, here's a preview of some of the pages in the packet.  Really, it's more than "Some", but like I've said 100 times before, I like getting to see what I'm getting if I'm buying something.  This is a little under half of the packet.  Everything in the packet covers a standard, but it also has either Christmas pictures, Christmas words, or Christmas sentences.  If you like what you see, click HERE and it will take you straight to this packet.  Don't forget that I also have 4 new language arts Christmas centers.  Hopefully, later this week (probably next weekend) I will have 4 new math Christmas centers.  It mostly depends on how crazy this week gets.  
Now, I'm off to watch more Hallmark movies.  I know it's sad, but last Christmas I read 1 to 2 books a day for each day I was off :)  I'm making up for it this year by watching every good Christmas movie I can find.  If my hubby hadn't gotten every cable channel known to man, this wouldn't be an issue :)

Have a Super Sunday night and remember, check out my worksheets below :)

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