Subway, Book Reports, and Shout Outs

Do you ever have one of those nights where you wonder "Did that really happen?"  Well, tonight has been one of those nights for me.  My hubby was in charge of dinner tonight because I really needed a nap.  Otherwise, the grouchy cat face may have made an appearance.  So, he went and got me Subway.    He comes in the house and tosses it to me and informs me that it's a pretty heavy sandwich.  I asked him what he ordered me and he said, "I ordered you the ultimate."  Well, I open it up and it was definitely ultimate - it had five meats - salami, pepperoni, ham, turkey, and roast beef.  Not to mention all the other stuff I asked him to have added to it.  Just so you know, I was pretty confused because I've never seen a sandwich like that.  I had to break it off in pieces it was so big!  So, what do I do?  I google Subway's menu.  Come to find out, I meant to ask for the Club... oops!  Who knows where I came up with ultimate?  Oh, and to add to it - Subway doesn't even have an ultimate sub.  To top the night off, I really wanted toasted marshmallows, so remember that little S'more kit I used at school?  Well, I broke it out tonight on our coffee table and burned toasted around 20 marshmallows.  There is nothing better than a crispy, black marshmallow.

Now, I know it isn't February quite yet, but I'm trying to get a little ahead.  I went ahead and created the February book reports.  There are three different ones this month.  Outside of clip art, I keep the book reports the same so that my kids can do them independently.   When it comes to book bins and book reports, I have two tips for you that I've learned over the last week.  First, go through your kids' book bins once a month.  My kids were only supposed to have five books in their book bins.  Most of them had 10 to 15.  They also had managed to each check out five books from the library when my limit is two.  I'm still not really sure how they pulled that off.  Second, if they are filling out a book log, staple the number of book reports they have to do to the back of the book log.  My students had all sorts of sheets in their book bins.  By the time I went through them, half my class had enough reports for a free Gigi's cupcake.  CLICK HERE to get the February book reports.  Hope you enjoy!

So, earlier this week, I said that I wanted to take time to recognize my favorite bloggers - all of you!  Well, why shouldn't I start tonight?  

First up is my friend Jessica.  She teaches second grade in Kentucky.  I just love her packets and so many of her ideas.  Last week, she let her kids paint snowmen that turned out really cute.  My favorite thing I've found is her Place Value Down on the Farm packet.  I just LOVE anything farm and it's really cute!  Go to SECOND GRADE NEST to check her out!  I know she will love the visits and the comments.

Next is my friend Lisa.  It's kind of funny because I've never met her and she lives in a state I've never even visited, but I feel like she's my pick me up when I'm having a rough day.  She has a way of always making you smile.  My all-time favorite thing that she creates are these syllable packs.  She's hooked me up a couple of times and I'm telling you, my kids LOVE them and they are amazing!  You should most definitely go check them out!  I've mentioned one of her syllable freebies on my blog twice.  Go to GROWING FIRSTIES to see all of the cool things she has going on!

Now, last up for tonight is Ashley.  I found her back at the beginning of January when I filled out Farley's Currently.  I don't have a picture from her site, but I have a link and you just HAVE to go watch, especially if you are cranky, grouchy, or ready to bite someone's head off.  She did a blog post on smiling and loaded some great videos.  Personally, my favorite is the ripping paper with the baby laughing.  I'm telling you, go to Primary Teacherhood if you need a smile or a good laugh!

Alright, I promise, I will get some more of you in tomorrow!  Remember blogger friends, pay it forward - we are our own best allies :)  So take time to give shout outs and recognize people around you :)  


  1. Faith, I'm your newest follower! Your blog is wonderful! STOP by anytime!

    1. Aw, thank you :) I'm glad that you like it :) I'll definitely be stopping by :)

  2. I have been blog stalking you!!! I would love it if you would follow back! I love your work!

    :) Melanie

    1. Ha! Ha! That made me laugh :) I think we all do a little blog stalking :) Thank you for the sweet compliment :) I'll go check your blog out now :)

    2. Hi Faith,
      your book report templates are awesome. I was wondering if you have a version with the Australian spelling of favourite?

      thank you