I know it's sad that I'm blogging at 11:33 on a school night, but it's been that kind of week for me.  It's funny because every day I swear that next week is going to be slower, but yeah, I have yet to discover where slower exists.  I am tired, but incredibly excited about church Sunday.  I'm painting on stage this weekend and it is going to be one of the best services I've ever been part of (at least in my opinion).  I wish I could share more, but I signed wavers and forms swearing on my life that I would keep a secret. Actually, none of that happened, but just in case you live near me and are planning to attend my church on Sunday, I better keep the secret until Sunday night :)  I also have another REALLY important secret I can share with you then, too, so definitely stay tuned!   Oh, and for all of those that are wondering, it is NOT baby news.... I am not pregnant, I am just a little pudgy these days.

Okay, so here's the main reason I'm blogging tonight.  It's time for Farley's Fantabulous Currently Link Up.  This is one of my favorites because it gives you a little insight into the lives of others :)  Remember, if you link up, follow her rule of three.  You have to leave a comment for the two people ahead of you and the one person behind you.  I promise, you don't have to leave comments for all 5000 people.  Yep, exaggerating, but seriously, Megan is a genius and the Currently is great!

Listening - I am going through a "Friday Night Lights" stage.  I watched all the episodes when it was a television show, but I'm watching them again now.  I love this show!

Loving - I am ecstatic over getting my new blog design.  I would share it with you, but I'm afraid the one I picked may fall through, so I will patiently wait.  All I'm saying is take a good look now because it is the complete opposite of what I have.  I'm a little sad about changing blog designs, but it's only because this was like my first car.  However, it is time to upgrade from a purple Saturn to a bright red Porsche.

Thinking - Self-explanatory... I get sillier and funnier by the second.

Wanting - I found a cotton candy machine at Kroger tonight.  Seriously, it is only $30.  I will so have that before the last week of school.  Yes, my hubby "put his foot down", but I'm sure I will convince him to pick it up.  As for spot remover, I have been a messy eater lately and I've been trying to remember to grab it for two weeks.  I suppose I can try again tomorrow.

Needing - Friends, I have a brain full of ideas, but my schedule has been jam packed.  Hopefully, this weekend I can hire someone to spin straw into minutes.  Seriously, wouldn't that be awesome?

Summer Bucket List - I am looking forward to several trips, but I think the trip with my family will be fun.  Mr. Fantabulous has always wanted to walk on the beach and hold hands at sunset (Hope it isn't sunrise), so looks like he will get his wish.  As for TPT, isn't that on every creator's bucket list?

Alright, so there you go people.  This girl is out!  Going to watch more Friday Night Lights or is it Thursday Night Lights?  This is where you courtesy laugh.


  1. A cotton candy machine sounds fun and delicious!! I want one now!!


  2. Faith, I think I saw spot remover at Kroger. Next to the cotton candy machine aisle. :-)

    Can't wait to see the candy apple Porsche. (Because you can't just use the word red, you know!)