Five for Friday on Saturday

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Alright, as always, my Five for Friday is on... that's right!  Saturday!  This week has been crazy busy, but it has been so much fun!  Feel free to link up to Doodle Bug's Teaching Five for Friday by clicking the button below.  Oh, and definitely stay tuned!  I will be posting a Mother's Day Top 10 later today or tomorrow.

#1 - Duct Tape + Balloons = Craziness
Last Sunday, I was in charge of the game at church, so we ended up doing this little game.  You pick kids to be wrapped in duct tape (You do the duct tape backwards) and then the rest of the team has to see how many balloons they can get to stick to the duct tape in five minutes.  It was a little chaotic, but everyone had a great time.  I adjusted the game slightly, but here's a link to where I found this game Church Leaders - Games.

#2 - Funny Morning Work
We do a Daily Language Arts and Daily Math sheet every day.  Well, this one was just too cute to not share with you.  Instead of my kid writing you will = you'll she wrote, "You will be my sis girl."  On the next problem instead of my kid writing you have = you've she wrote, "You have to be my sis."  The good news is she remembered her punctuation marks.  She also officially understands when to use commas.  If you look at #5 on the math, she put commas instead of putting missing numbers into the blanks.  How could I not love my job?  My little people make me smile ALL day!

#3 - Picture This! Writing
My kids and I started our new writing packet - "Picture This".  I took a picture of how we started our writing packet.  We do this for almost every writing packet now.  The kids love it and it has made a huge difference in their understanding.

#4 - Cinco de Mayo
So, I LOVE holidays, but celebrating all of them is sometimes complex with everything else we need to do.  This one slipped up on me and Thursday night I started trying to figure out how I could do the holiday as part of my Fun Friday.  Piñata?  Yes, that's a great idea, but when I say slipped up, I mean, it didn't occur to me until 9:30ish.  So, I had to think fast.  My first thought was tacos, but I don't know if your kids are like mine, but they are picky little guys.  If I'm going to spend money, I'm going to do something that won't lead to them saying, "I don't like that!" or "Ew!  That's gross!"  That's when I had a great idea - Quesadillas and cheese dip with chips.  Super Hubby and I ran to Kroger and loaded up on tortillas, cheese, butter, more cheese, and chips.  When I got home, I packed up our griddle.  I got to school and around 1:40, we packed up and I put a short movie on for the kids to watch.  While they watched, I made quesadillas.  EVERY kid in the class tried them and only one didn't eat the whole thing.  They also LOVED the cheese dip with the chips.

Here's the one thing I learned.  For around 30 people, it took 2 bags of Kroger brand chips, 2 containers (around 8 oz. each) of cheese dip, 1 1/2 bags (16 oz. each bag), and 1 1/2 bags of small tortillas.  I also grabbed a small container of butter and Caprisuns.  I put a little butter on the tortilla, threw it on the griddle, put around 1/4 cup of cheese on one side of the tortilla, and then folded it over.  I flipped them every 60 seconds until they were done.  They were a hit with the kids and with all of the adults on my end of the hall.

#5 - Mother's Day Writing
I finished this just a few minutes ago.  It's a Mother's Day card/craftivity.  Next year, I plan to add it to a May writing bundle, so it probably won't be free then, but this year it is, so feel free to grab it by clicking on any of the pictures.  This is also my first time experimenting with using one of my own fonts and my own clip art.

Hope you guys have a great Saturday!


  1. Cinco de Mayo totally gets skipped in my classroom because we're all Derby obsessed! Maybe someday I'll take the time to celebrate it! Those quesadillas look pretty tasty though!

    Blooming In First

    1. Aw! I wish I could do the Derby stuff. My kids would be so confused if we did. The quesadillas were great!

  2. I love the commas! How stinking adorable :)
    Mrs. Holder’s First Grade

    1. One of the other teachers spotted it and showed me. It was too cute to not share :)

  3. Thanks for the Mothers Day Freebie! Your graphics look great. What program did you use? Happy Cinco de Mayo!

    First Grade A to Z

    1. Thanks :) I used a program called Sketchbook Pro. I have fiddled around with it for a few weeks and figured out how to move it from the iPad to my laptop and how to edit. It was tons of fun, but I definitely don't have a lot of time to create clip art :)