A Giveaway, New Packet, and Fall Freebies

This is one of those fully loaded posts.  School has been crazy busy (in a good way), so I haven't done a great job taking pictures the last few weeks.  Oops!  Anyway, definitely check out below.  This might just be a Five for Thursday.  No worries!  I will have a Five for Friday, too :)

#1 - Graphing Freebie
Our first nine weeks we check to make sure that our students can organize information into a graph.  I threw this together for my team and thought I'd share.

#2 - Educents Bundle
I don't want you guys to forget about the incredible deal over at Educents.  It's rare to be able to grab $100 worth of incredible packets for $25.  If you still aren't sure, you can go CLICK HERE and go to the blog hop to see pictures of all the different packets that are offered.

#3 - Giveaway
My giveaway has one day left.  If you haven't entered, then make sure you do.  It is for my newest writing packet and my new morning work packet.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

#4 - Morning Work (2nd 9 Weeks)

I finally finished my second nine weeks morning work.  I kept the same format as the first nine weeks, but adjusted the standards.  I added new skills based off of what I felt first graders would know by the second nine weeks.  For example, I've added time to the hour, subtraction word problems, proper nouns, and digraphs.

This packet covers rhyming words, nouns, proper nouns, capitalization, punctuation (periods and question marks), handwriting, sight words, digraphs, categories, reading comprehension, addition/subtraction within 10, word problems, time, number sense, comparing numbers (greater than, less than, equal to), place value, and shapes.

At the end of the packet, there are pages with the answer keys for digraphs, categories, and nouns.

Here are pictures of the first week so that you will know what to expect.  You can click on any of the pictures and it will take you to my TPT page.  I have added six pages in the preview section.

#5 - October Book Reports

I have October Book Reports done.  Seriously, I'm not kidding.  I'm really ahead of schedule.

 Like last month, there are four of them - two with regular lines and two with handwriting lines.

I'm not sure I've ever explained how I use these, but like most classrooms we are doing Daily 5 and we have book bins.  Well, we decided to move away from A.R. last year.  The only concern was how would we know if our kiddos were comprehending what they were reading.  My teammates and I decided that book reports would be great.

The next problem was trying to find just the right book report.  Well, we could never find it, so I started making these.  Our kiddos have a book form we staple to the front of the book report.  They do a book report for each book and they write it on the book form.  Oh, and to keep them from misplacing their forms, we keep the packets in our book bins.  This has worked great!  When they reach their goal, they take it to the Media Center and get a prize.  I decided today that when I have a kiddo get 25 stars (That means they have read approximately 125 books), I will let them earn a special lunch.

Hope you guys had an incredible day!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful freebies. I love your book reports!

  2. Your blog is amazing and the work you do is inspirational. I love reading your blog posts.
    Your classroom must be amazing.
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  3. How am I going to win your contest if you keep reminding people to enter?! :-)

    Thanks for the October book reports. I love your different line options, as we are a "plain line" class. (I never know which is which when they talk about primary lined and whatever the other one is. Obviously.)

  4. Thanks for the great freebies and great ideas!