October Currently

Okay friends, I have to tell you, it was a pain getting to this page to work on posting my Currently.  I swear, my computer is as fast as lightning until I'm trying to be quick and then it moves slower than a turtle.  My heart races, my fingers are panicking, and that little rainbow, spinny circle is causing me to take deep breaths before I throw the laptop.  No, I promise, a laptop was not damaged during this blog post.  Then, finally, after what seemed like an hour (Actually 1 minute and 23 seconds to be exact), my blog is functioning properly.

So, here's Farley's Currently.  Remember her rule of three, if you link up, take some time to comment on two blogs before you and one blog after you.  Spread the love - At the least, it will put a grin on my face :)

I finished my last Netflix show and have moved on.  I thought I'd give "Ugly Betty" a shot.  The verdict is still out since I've only watched one episode.

I love sales, giveaways, etc.  Girls and guys, I swear Internet shopping is not a good thing.  In the last week, I've hit up Talbots, Ralph Lauren, and don't forget the giveaways.  Speaking of which, I need to pick a winner for mine from last week.  I'll try to post that tomorrow.  Since I'm so delayed, I think I will pick two winners :)

Oh, and my collaborative blog has a MONSTEROUS giveaway going right now.  Click on the image below to go check it out.

sorry, I feel like an infomercial, but don't forget about the 1st Grade Educents bundle.  It is on sale for a few more days.  Remember you save 75% and get a load of incredible products.  You can click on that image to go check it out.

Um, yeah... I'm doing a Bible study with some awesome friends right now called "Stuck" by Jennie Allen.  I think right now I'm "Stuck" on not using my time wisely because it's tomorrow and we aren't going to discuss how much I need to do.  Guess I'll just have to eat the Oreos sitting next to my laptop.  And I wonder why my clothes are shrinking (LOL).

We get a few days off in October for a mini break.  I cannot wait!  My hubby and I have lots of fun, local things planned.  I will definitely be taking some pics.  I love my babies, but getting a day or two extra to catch your breath is always nice and so is 60 degree weather because then it isn't too hot or too cold.

Apparently, I am not Mrs. Wheelers (as my kiddos have nicknamed me), but I am an owl.  I am wide awake at night and this girl needs her 10 hours 7 hours of sleep.

Alright, I will have a treat later this week, but tonight my trick is Khan Academy.  It is an incredible app/website.  I actually like to play with it even though it's for kids.  I wouldn't use it with lower grades, but it could definitely be useful with 4th grade and up.

Alright, hope you guys have an incredible night!


  1. Here I am excited about my 80 degree weather on Friday and I read about your 60 degree weather! JEALOUS! :)

    Your blog is super cute! Love your design!
    Elementary My Dear

  2. I can't wait for our mini break in October too!! Thanks for sharing!


  3. We've had sunny 75 degree days here for about a week. I'm in heaven! Enjoy your fall mini-break!

    Read With Me ABC

  4. Supposed to be around 85 here Thursday. And I live in a four season climate...but this summer weather seems to have extended itself just a little too long!