100th Day of School

I know most of you realize I live in Georgia.  This weather is crazy!  Seriously friends, our governor called a state of emergency late this afternoon.  Yes, I know, my sweet friends in the north don't get it.  Here's the thing.  Last year, I didn't wear more than a rain jacket.  That's how temperatures down here usually go.  There isn't a need for snow plows because really that's a waste of money when we see snow maybe once every four years.

So, last night some counties canceled school and some counties decided to go for it.  Well, tonight I am so very thankful for my county because we didn't go to school and the last few hours the news has covered bus accidents, students caught on buses for four hours or more, and schools with students and teachers spending the night because their isn't a way to get home.  I am sure that it is hard to decide what to do, especially when the snow we were expecting two weeks ago never came.  I'm just thankful that I'm home and my hubby is home (which was a four hour drive that usually takes 40 minutes).

Anyway, I'm saying all of that so that hopefully if you live in a northern state, you will take it a little easy on your southern friends.  Oh, and I promise my dog was not harmed in this picture.  We put her in the snow for a second to see what she would do and then brought her right back inside.

Alright, in other news I kind of skipped right past the 100th Day of School.  Well, not really… I have this packet that I fell in love with making, but it just took longer than planned.  So, I ended up moving it… not once, not twice… but three times.  Instead of celebrating the 100th Day of School, we are going to celebrate the 104th Day of School :)  I decided my kids would be okay with it and even though my task cards are for the 100th day, they can really be used whenever.

There are several pictures below of my new task cards.  Look through them and if you like them, then you can click on any of the pictures to get them on TPT.  All of the tasks are aligned to the first grade common core standards.

Now, when I do task cards, I pair my kiddos up or put them into groups of three.  They use their clipboards and a pencil for their recording sheets.  I spread my task cards around the room and let the quiet kids pick where they would like to start.  The kids are given around 6 or 7 minutes and then they switch to the next group.

Have a great night and stay warm!


  1. So sorry that you are dealing with the nasty weather. It is one thing for us up north to deal with the wintry weather but I'm sure it is a big deal down south. Too bad the schools didn't all call off so people were not stuck at school! Take care. P.S. Your dog is so cute. What kind is it? Liz in South Dakota

  2. Hi Faith, I just commented on one of your blog posts from LAST January! :-) I sent the link to my teammates before and saw it again when I was looking through old school emails. (I would have commented before, but I had not figured out how yet. Can you believe that?)Then I noticed that you are a GA blogger and thought I would see what you had to say about today. I am in GA as well and in one of those counties that did not cancel school. :-( It was a huge mess and apparently still is. This is the first time that I haven't been excited about the snow! I thought I would read some teacher blogs to get my mind off of it all for a bit. Your task cards look great! I know what you mean about getting packs ready. It sure does take a LONG time. I am usually pleased with the result nevertheless. Why would we keep doing it if not? Enjoy your snow day!

  3. Glad you didn't have to go to school in your raincoat, Faith!

    If I were you, I'd hurry up and trademark the 104th day of school before someone else thinks of it! :-) Isn't it funny how kids don't really worry about those things? We were playing Halloween Bump in the spring one year!