Five on Sunday

Alright, I promise I know today is Sunday and that Friday was several days ago, but I really love Five for Friday.  Some weeks I am so disorganized, but this week I worked hard at being intentional and getting some pictures of what we are doing.

So, here's my Five for Friday… on Sunday.

1. Snowmen
I love making snowmen.  I could seriously spend an entire month just doing snowmen crafts and writing projects.  Here's a picture of our snowmen.  If you need a template for them, you can click one of the pictures and go download them.

2. Snowmen Writing
What would a snowman be without working in some sort of writing activity?  Well, when I made my Winter Printables packet, I made sure I included a "How to" writing on snowmen.  We made the snowmen on Tuesday and worked on our rough drafts and final drafts Wednesday and Thursday.  They turned out great!

Here are a few pictures of our writing folders.  I found these cards back at the beginning of the school year from Michelle Oakes and we use them all the time.  The best part is they are editable, so you can put your own words into your mini word wall.

3. Map Skills
Another thing we spent TONS of time on this week was map skills.  We made two different Me on the Map books.  We also spent time comparing globes and maps.  All my map stuff was a little outdated, so I decided to look on TPT.  Here is a pictures from one of the packets I bought.  It's from Amanda at One Extra Degree.  She usually makes upper grade stuff, but when I saw this I had to grab it.  Friends, I was easily able to use around 75% to 80% of the packet.  My kiddos loved the activities and the best part is I was able to make most of the activities small group or hands-on activities.

4. Homemade Snow
I found this at Momma's Fun World last year and my class loved it so much that I had to do it again.  Ins.  Here's what you need - 4 large, deep pans, 6 to 8 bottles of coconut conditioner (Dollar Tree), 16 small boxes of baking soda, 6 large boxes of baking soda, and plastic tablecloths.  Instead of measuring out everything, I dumped either 2 large boxes or 8 small boxes of baking soda in each pan.  Then, I added approximately a bottle of conditioner and mix it up.  Oh, and be prepared.  It will be EVERYWHERE!  You could see our little footprints all the way up our hallway.  The good thing is it is easy to sweep up once it dries.  Hope if you make it that you have as much fun as we did!

5. EBay Books
Shhh!!!!  I have a secret.  How many of you need more books in your room for your kiddos?  I'm guessing all of you thought, "I do!  I do!"  Well, every month or two I ask my kids to tell me what they are wanting.  This go around they wanted Sponge Bob, horse books, Charlie Brown, Junie B., etc.  I made a list and I went to see what I could find on EBay.  I ended up ordering around 75 books for $50.  The only ones that I had to pay a little more for were the Junie B. books.  If I took those out, I would have gotten 40 books for under $20.  Oh, and the best part is when you run it through Buy Now, you don't have to keep going back to bid.  One of the sets I ordered Friday was on my doorstep Saturday.  Plus, my kids are really learning to love reading and it gives them more options and choices.  So, be open to EBay.  Most of the books I have gotten have been in great shape and if I bought them anywhere else they'd be $3 or $4 a piece (if not more).


  1. I tried to click on one of the pictures to get the template for the snowman but nothing came up. Am I doing something wrong??

    1. I think I added the links, but I may have forgotten, so I went back in and added them in case that's what happened. Please let me know if it doesn't work this time.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the snow recipe! I also love your neon on black How To Build A Snowman SmartBoard slide! Very fun!

  3. You are way would I make snow with this year's students!

  4. I have been buying books from Ebay! Like you, I don't have to spend a lot!!!! The books are in great condition! Also, I went to the local Salvation Army store. I paid $4 for nine books. They had Ready, Set, Freddy for $.50 along with Harold and the Purple Crayon.

  5. What volume of conditioner do you use, and does it have to be coconut? The amounts you mention makes about how much snow???