Currently and Freebies

Ah!  It's a new year!  I'm not sure why, but that always feels so odd to me.   Plus, can I tell you guys a secret?  I'm not really a big group kind of girl, so although we did fun things growing up, as a grown up, I am perfectly fine sitting at home, eating something good for dinner, and watching football.  When I think of big parties, I really want to just run in the opposite direction or come up with a good excuse not to go.

Anyway, with January comes Farley's Currently.  I LOVE the Currently!  It's really one of my favorite blog posts every month.  It's just fun… and happy.  If you link up DON'T forget her Rule of 3.  Leave meaningful feedback to two people ahead of you and one person after you.  Oh, and if you link up, make sure that the link you leave on her blog goes directly to your post.  Otherwise, you might get deleted off for not following the rules.

So, here's my Currently.  If you want to go check out some more, click on the button above and it will take you to Farley's blog.

I'm in my craft room and for once I don't have my iPad playing music, Hulu, or Netflix, so I just hear the television from the living room in the background and the occasional bird chirp from outside.  It's kind of nice to not have too much noise this morning.

I truly love teaching, but breaks are just the best.  I love that I get a little time to get my energy back after having the flu and a sinus infection.  I also LOVE Hallmark movies, curling up with a blanket and my pillow on the couch, and staying in pajamas all day.  Sometimes it is just nice to let your mind slow down a little, you know?

I have several things I need to get done today that I've been working on.  My favorite is a freebie I'm making as a birthday surprise for a homeschooling fan.  I'm hoping it ends up being a big hit!  Until then, you can look at the bottom and I popped two freebies on here.  I had both of them last year, but I know it's easy to miss them.

Yes, a new television show is a pretty silly request.  The thing is I work best with background noise.  I'm caught up on all of my regular favorites and I've tried several that were suggested and haven't cared for any of them.  Here are my favorites - Scandal, Revenge, Nashville, Grey's Anatomy, and Top Chef.  So, if you have any ideas of any that I may like that I can find on Netflix or Hulu let me know.

When I was sick, the one thing I realized is that it is okay to not try to run at the speed of light every day.  I think as teachers all of us are really bad at getting caught up in taking care of everyone around us and forgetting that sometimes (not all the time) we have to take care of ourselves before we can take care of everyone else.  So, that's my one goal when this break ends.  I want to try to be more aware of making a little time for me to watch movies, play a game, or read a book.  I don't want to be so focused on everything around me that I forget to have a little fun.

Since it's January, I'd have to say watching football.  I love watching a good football game.  Football is just the right pace to watch and still be able to do something else.  Plus, I love the foods that go with football.

Alright, that's all my thoughts.  Sorry if I'm wordy today.  I do that when I wake up too early or stay up too late!

Oh, I almost forgot!  Here are the freebies.  One is a winter center from my Let It Snow packet and the other is my January book reports.  Hope you enjoy!

Last thing, if you haven't looked at Google today, you HAVE to see it!  So cute!  Just type in or click my link.


  1. I started watching The Good Wife and I LOVE it! I like Revenge, Nashville, and Grey's Anatomy too. The only thing is that the Good Wife is on Amazon Prime, not Netflix. This summer I watched Felicity on Netflix and it was pretty good.

    Literacy Spark

  2. Happy New Year Faith! I love the show Revenge-just started to watch it this year and am totally captivated by it. A few of my favorites that you didn't list are Bones and Castle...not sure if those types of shows are your style.

  3. It shouldn't be so hard to find a good tv show on DVD! :) But I'm in the same boat. I was going to suggest the Good Wife too. Have you seen Friday Night Lights? That has Connie Briton who's on Nashville, that's one of my all-time favorites! :)

  4. I feel like I've watched a million Christmas movies since Thanksgiving. I was still watching some yesterday and my boys were like, mom are you still watching Christmas movies?! LOL I love a good Hallmark/Lifetime movie for sure. Have a wonderful New Year!

  5. Have you tried Elementary? I love it!

  6. Thanks for the freebies! If you are looking for a new show, you have to watch Scandal! Love it!

    A+ Classroom Creations

  7. Thanks for the freebies! They are always great!