Several Fun Things

Sometimes it is crazy to me living in Georgia.  Earlier this week the high temperature was below freezing with the wind chill factor.  Today we are dealing with thunderstorms and tornado watches instead of snow and freeze warnings.  All of that said, I love my northern friends, but I will definitely be remaining a Georgia girl.  It's cold sometimes, but I'm glad I have never experienced ice in my nose hairs or on my eyelashes.

Thanks to low temps, I ended up with a few extra days off, so I spent my time on Facebook, watching The Good Wife (My new favorite show thanks to a one of my blogger comments), and creating.  If you haven't spent time recently on Facebook I'd LOVE for you to follow my fan page (Just click on the button below).  When I'm too busy to blog, I try to throw more stuff on my fan page.  It's definitely my place for giveaways, freebies, and sales right now.

Oh, and before I forget, The Primary Chalkboard is having a HUGE MLK Jr. Giveaway.  You can click on the picture to go enter it.  There are lots of awesome packets and several freebies.

Also, if you haven't gone back to school yet, here is a New Year Resolution activity from my friend at First Grade Nest.  My kiddos had a blast doing it this week.  If you click on the picture, it will take you to her store so you can grab it too.

For our first resolution we came up with a math goal.  Our entire first grade does fluency tests and we have a fluency wall.  As a student learns their families, they move their name to a new number.  So, my students that are working on 3's or 4's set their goals to 8's or 9's.  My students that have learned their addition facts, set subtraction fact goals.

Our second goal was a reading fluency goal.  Our grade level was given an assessment before Christmas letting us know how many words per minute each student could read.  We met with our kids and had them set new goals.  Most of my kids picked goals that were 20 to 30 words higher than where they were at Christmas.  I guess we better make sure we are reading.

We finished up the resolutions by having the kids pick a book goal, fun goal, and a parent goal.

Seriously, this might be one of my favorite activities the whole year.  Even after you are done with New Year's stuff, helping your kids set goals based off where they are and write them down isn't a bad idea. Even my little guys that struggle sometime were excited and now all of my kiddos have taken ownership of their learning.

Here's a little freebie I threw together to go with the goals.  I'm going to  tape them to their desks, so they can record their progress each day and keep up with where they are.

Alright, hope you guys have an incredible weekend!


  1. I <3 you!!!!!!!!! This will be perfect for our student led conferences, and a wonderful activity to get the kids involved! thank you!

    1. Aw! Glad you like it :) I told my kiddos that I would let them keep up with their goals on Thursday and they asked about it several times yesterday.

  2. You crack me up...your high temp was only below freezing with the windchill? I grew up in Iowa and my first teaching job was there, too. We went outside almost every day! (I had duty every third day and prayed for it to be too cold...alas, it never was, so I actually wore long johns under my trousers!) The only rule was you had to have snowboots to go off the blacktop.

    You southern gals...dainty little magnolia blossoms!