Date Day Fun

I know you guys know how I love to plan fun days.  Well, Sunday was my ten year dating anniversary.  My hubby left a note on my car ten years ago Sunday asking me to date him.  Yes, I realize now you are all awing.  Well, we decided to make Sunday a Date Day.  Friends, the best part about these days are we really have zero plans.  We just hop in the car and drive to random places all day.  Our only real plan is to not have a schedule.  This time we decided to hang in Atlanta for the day.
For lunch we ate at a place called Yard House in Atlantic Station.  My hubby ended up getting a burger with fries and I opted for a ribeye.  The ribeye was awesome!  I literally ate every bite.  I am a steak kind of girl, so it definitely got my day off to a good start.  One hint in case you eat here, make sure they don't stack your food.  I knew this from the last time I went.  I don't like my food touching (if possible) and I definitely don't go for stacked food.
We finished lunch and I headed to Journeys to get some new Toms.  I love my Toms, but I wear them out fast, mostly because I wear them 5 to 6 days a week.  So, I grabbed some black Toms and tan Toms.  Hopefully, they will get me to flip flop season.

Then, we visited this little candy store.  Friends, I'm sure you've seen a box of Nerds.  It's around the size of a deck of cards.  Well, we saw what I think is the biggest box of Nerds ever.  I took a picture just to show you the size difference.  The box was HUGE!

The other picture is a picture of the Atlantic Station grass.  It may seem funny, but this shopping area is like a little village.  People go and lay on the grass to read, eat snacks, talk, etc.  It is just a happy little place.

After all of our shopping (It was a tough thirty minutes), we drove around until we found the original Krispy Kreme donuts.  That might be my favorite stop.  There is something fun about watching someone make donuts and then getting to eat donuts that are still hot and dripping with glaze.  If you ever see the HOT sign on, you have to stop.  You are seriously missing out until you've had a hot donut.
Atlanta has several old cemeteries and one of them is Oakland Cemetery.  I'm not really a cemetery person.  It isn't that I'm superstitious.  I just don't understand the purpose of traipsing around where people are buried.  That being said, we knew that Bobby Jones and Margaret Mitchell were buried here, so we visited and I took a few pictures just in case y'all get geeked out over stuff like that.
Are you noticing a trend here?  If you are going to visit Atlanta, it is fun to visit different places to eat.  We ended up going to Cafe Intermezzo and I feel kind of bad saying this, but I wasn't that impressed.  I was dying for some coffee.  I'm not kidding, we waited for probably thirty minutes just to order that.  I accidentally got the wrong thing, so I discovered very quickly what it feels like to waste a $4 little cup of coffee.
There is a HUGE Barnes and Noble near Cobb Galleria.  Anytime I end up in Atlanta, I find a way to convince my hubby to take me here.  It is two stories and a lot of times it has different books than the ones I've been buying.  I literally plop down on the floor in the kids' section and pick out any books that I think my kiddos will like.  There is something fun about picturing one of their faces when I pick a book I am sure they will love.  It never fails that I walk out with $100 worth of books because I just can't seem to make a decision.
Our favorite thing to do is end our date at a late movie.  We ended up going to see Monuments Men.  It is based on a true story about World War II.  These men were brought in just to rescue all the monuments created by famous artists that were taken from the museums.  I promise I won't give you anymore details than that.  I actually really enjoyed the movie.  It had just a little action, a little humor, very little bad language, and a lot of history.

Alright, so that was our Date Day!  I know this has nothing to do with teaching, but sometimes you have to take a break to find your creativity.  Hopefully, I gave you a few ideas of things you can do.

PS - My clip art is from Krista Wallden and my font is from KG Fonts.  Both of them are two of my favorites!!!!


  1. Again, your hubby takes the cake! My sweetie also likes to jump in the car and drive...WITH NO DESTINATION and NOTHING TO DO! I am more of a "let's go somewhere and do something while we are there" kind of gal, so his days drive me crazy!

  2. I loved this post, Faith. I am so happy to hear that you are taking time for yourself. I love the idea of date day!