Five for Friday

Oh, boy!  I know I have been a terrible, horrible blogger.  Hopefully, I'll get caught up this weekend.  Since I'm popping in, let's knock out a Five for Friday.  We can pretend it's still Valentine's Day, right?

I love my hubby!  He is seriously just incredible!  He sent me roses for the first time on Valentine's Day ten years ago and we started dating the Sunday after Valentine's Day, so this time of year is always fun for me.  Well, he kept telling me he had to go get my gift, but I couldn't check the checking account or my email.  I kind of guessed what he was giving me, but I got home and he told me that we were going shopping.  Talk about confused!  Well, after that, without missing a beat he asked if I'd put his leftover pizza up from lunch.  He said it was the best, cheesiest pizza ever.  Of course, I had to open the box and look.  There wasn't any pizza in the box.  There was a brand new iPad Air.  See told you!  Best hubby in the world!

While we are on love and hearts, here are our Valentine bags for this year.  Friends, I was scrambling after two snow days to get these put together.  That being said, they are reasonably quick and pretty cute!  I'm pretty certain you could do the same thing for the end of the year, but just change the head from a heart to a circle with sunglasses or something like that.

Another fun thing we did was my Candy Heart Fun centers.  They are a set of task cards that can be done with boxes of candy hearts.  You can click on any of the pictures to go grab them.  I also have similar task cards for the 100th Day of School and for St. Patrick's Day.

Now, I promised my followers a new freebie for helping my friend hit 2000 followers.  You guys seriously are awesome!  I haven't forgotten, but it may be a few days.  I went to work on it and friends, my clip art gallery had an error message.  I tried fixing it for over three hours and seriously had zero luck.  So, I am working on loading all of my clip art into a new program called Pixa.  It is simply amazing, but it will be a little while before I am rolling again.  You don't even want to know how much clip art I have to load.

Who is REALLY using Lexile scores to help their students pick out books?  Well, our entire library (media center) is Lexiled.  I try my best to tell my kiddos the color sticker they can get, but I have to admit half the time they forget.  I took a few little friends to the library this week and saw these.  This teacher put stickers on the card.  So simple, but really never occurred to me, so thought you may have missed that, too.

Alright, I hope you have a fantabulous Saturday!

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  1. Where did you find your husband and is there any chance you could clone him? You'd be rich!! How sweet of him to surprise you in such a cute way!